Humanity needs, urgently, to reconsider its values, reasons, actions. Most of us still believes that we are separated by gender, class, nationality, race. Most of us still believes in religion, a savior god outside of our own selves. We are still struggling against racism, feminicide, abuse, violence, bigotry, xenophoby, homophoby, prejudice, poverty. Humans are humanity biggest enemy. We burn our forests, we exterminate our fellow beings, we destroy nature and idolize money, assets, status, while we bluntly ignore pain and injustice.

2021, 21st century and we have not been this primitive not even when we used to live in caves and had to hunt wild beasts for living. We are savages wearing famous brands and making selfies to post on social media.

I hope things change.
I hope snowball wars are the only hardships we still have to handle.

Happy new year.

Snowball War – diptych – original art available.

The Fake News Inc.

We are subjects to fake news on a daily basis. We have been drowning in lies for way longer than it would possibly be considered normal. Lies are not, never normal. Nor healthy. It shows deep sickness in society. It disguises the lowest forms of manipulation for the benefit of a few. It is the sign of greed and evil in its most disgusting way. We are not only fed with lies, but we help to spread it, as a deadly virus. Corona makes fewer victims than Fake News. They say: “A lie, told a million times, become the truth” – but in virtual social media times, a few likes and shares are enough to sink deeply and overtake less smart brains and become a pandemic of lies and misinformation. People have no filter, not enough information and education to differentiate right from wrong anymore. We see poor people defending rich people´s interests. We see women obeying and complying to misogyny and prejudice. We see minorities allowing their opressor to absurd acts of cruelty and violence. Fake news become justifiable knowledge for idiots. And we see all of them worshipping the very knife that will stab their own flesh, sooner or later.

Memories of the summer

2020 is a year to forget. As any, each and every year, good and bad things happens, but 2020, if possible, should be excused, deleted, forgotten. As plants need water and sun, we need good memories to give us the strength to carry on, to feed the life in us. The clock may stop but time doesn’t. We should not waste our precious days looking back, because life is the kind of rollercoaster that doesn’t stop until the ride is over and our only concern should be keeping track, holding fast and looking forward. And perhaps also enjoying the wind on our skin, on every possible opportunity. Life is too short to waste in fear, lies, drama. If we have a choice, we should choose beauty, every time. We should not be hostages of our own imposition, tyranny or decisions. Life and others already do that, we should not comply. We are free and like so should we remain. We accept imposed limitations and we carry too much unnecessary burdens. We fight battles that are not ours, on a daily basis, for a life time. We should live, not only survive. Last summer I tried to ignored the pain and purposely tried to enjoy the light of precious moments. That book, those colors, the grass and the breeze, the taste of caramel and macadamia ice cream on a hot day. Clouds and blue sky. Do not take your peace and your pleasure for granted. All the rest is manageable, but some things should not be negotiable. We need to built good memories to endure tough times. We need to leave the past in the past. Good memories naturally resist the proof of time. Art does too.


Networking is easy
You use your strenghts
A good sense of balance
Dashing personality
Social skills
Top physical condition
A bit of charm
Mental capacity
Reherse. Repeat.
Learn your environment.
Understand your peers.
You will need some experience too
Perhaps a pinch of oil and glitter
A lot of practice
Music can help
But some times it disturbs
Good bones
Perfect hygiene
Strategic thinking
A nice hair cut might help
Artsy performance
Stretchy muscles
Sculptural hips
Aesthetical conception
Math skills
Political awareness
Technological talents
Long eyelashes.
Learn to pray.
Learn some jokes too.
Speak several languages
Floss regularly
Eclectic taste helps
Acquire some popular and erudite knowledge
Wear a deodorant.
Offer a pleasant smile
Stay quiet
Speak if you need
Breath in
Breath out.

But above all:
Be flexible, resilient
and have some sense of humor.

Original art work available, get in touch!

Luciana Mariano 2020 (c)

Coffee (or tea)

This time, an imaginary delight.

Wishful thinking of a petit comité

of huge proportions

Important beautiful characters

Human, powerful, 

Intelligent, historical

Sitting together

Having tea (or coffe)

and cake on an idle late afternoon.
Time doesn’t need to exist

In art.
We can make it timeless

and promote epical meetings

of extreme tenderness

and powerful ideas.

Words, colors and stories

that validate existences

justify legacies

understand dreams 

allow differences

encourage poetry

permit beauty

Offer truth.

We don’t ask for much

but we want everything;

We deserve way more 

than everything we’ve gotten so far

and we wait for no one 

to give it to us.

We are the first, second 

And all of the possible sexes

We wear black, pink 

Scarves and flowers

blue or nothing

and we walk 

with dignity

and integrity

More than anyone

that ever walked 

before us.

We fight for justice and ideals

We demand voice and place

we cherish equality and opportunity

we search for meaning.

We are the pain, the power

and the peace 

that gives life a chance.

We sit together, just because we can.

Just because art brings us all together.

In art all is possible, even the simplest things

as coffee (or tea) and cake

on an idle late afternoon.

Luciana Mariano (c) 2020
Artwork: Frida and Angela having tea (or coffee) at Simone’s place.


It’s a jungle out there

Beasts are running wild.

In the dark, hiding 

their sharp, pointy teeth, 

Disguised in smiles 

They roar.

They are out there, 

All around, everywhere.

They are hungry 

and always hunting. 

They are dangerous, 



Merciless, they will act behind your back

But they will also attack on daylight

If they can, they will expose your guts

crush your bones

Slice open your very flesh

They are beasts, they feed on carnage.

They are cruel, they are selfish, they have no scrupples.

They can even pose as puppies, but make no mistake, they are not

Its just a matter of time before the beasts show their claws,

Push you from the edge, betray your trust.
Meanwhile, in the real jungle,

Animals are living in organic harmony

Despite hierarchies, strengths and territories

They are aware of their place and role in nature

They understand their instincts and rules of survival 

They carry on, finding balance between need and will

They respect the ecosystem, themselves and other species.
BEWARE: Humans are difficult to be [trusted].

(Painting SOLD to private collection.)

80 anos

Hoje é o dia dela. 80 anos. OI-TEN-TA. 

Quem diria que no seu dia, eu não estaria aí para dar aquele abraço, um presente, comer o bolo juntas? Pra dizer do amor, da gratidão, da admiração, do carinho que se acumulou pela vida e, no alto dos seus 80 anos, precisa ser compartilhado, celebrado, vivido.

Você nasceu no começo da Segunda Guerra Mundial, no meio do medo e do caos de um mundo conturbado. Aquela guerra acabou mas o mundo nunca teve plena paz. Outras tantas guerras e conflitos vieram. Vivemos no conflito das nossas próprias guerras, na luta pela vida, nas batalhas diárias por sobrevivência, crescimento, sentido, amor. Hoje, 7 de Junho de 2020, 80 anos depois, ainda estamos em guerra. Dessa vez, além da sobrevivência, da luta contra uma sociedade injusta, desigual, covarde, lutamos com mais um inimigo invisível que nos nos aparta. Um vírus que nos isola e separa e que mais parece uma história de ficção científica. Mas é real e seus 80 longos anos te transformam numa testemunha ocular de toda essa epopéia, essa história quase surreal, que vai da invenção do primeiro transístor ao advento da internet, que hoje nos põe em contato diário, mesmo na distância. A vida é maluca, curta e bem irônica. Seus 80 anos me servem como exemplo de amor e resistência. Ver você fazer 80 anos longe de um abraço é uma dessas crueldades e injustiças que se combate todos os dias, lá fora e dentro de nós. É o que nos entristece mas também nos motiva a lutar pelo próximo encontro, pelo próximo abraço apertado, pela próxima risada que daremos juntas. Que esta falta seja sempre menor do que outras faltas. Que esse dia seja especial e marque a continuação da nossa espera por dias melhores, por mais encontros, por aquela festa que está guardada pra quando a gente se ver, de novo, em breve. Feliz aniversário mãezinha querida. Que seu dia seja lindo como você é. Deixa o tempo passar como tudo passa, mas tenha certeza do nosso amor, meu, da Mara, do Caié por você. Esse não passa nunca. Obrigada por existir e por nos dar o exemplo de como viver, perseverar e lutar.

Sinta-se abraçada, amada, celebrada.

Salve 07.06.2020 e seus 80 anos de puro amor, beleza e teimosia❤️
Te amamos.

Serviços essenciais

“Barbearia/Barbershop” – 25×30 – acrylics on canvas – 2020 – disponível/available – LM (c)


Things that used to be important, suddenly, are no longer as essencial, but many didn’t realize it yet. Society has been so sick, so ill, that it took a real pandemia to make people take five and repurpose their existence. No, those shoes were not what would make you happy. The beauty must be beyond the hair cut, or there is not much to be shown, anyway. 

Even though many are confined in quarantine, most still didn’t realize the real cure they should submit themselves to. People are going crazy inside their homes, but they were going crazy out there too. Most cant stand to stand in front of the mirror, in silence. The voice of their closed ones, so near, may sound like terrifying screams from a horror movie. Some people desperately miss their slaving routine of corporate work because they rather be consumerist robots in the capitalist society than interact emotionally with their own spouses, children, family. People are going crazy because many are now being forced to look at their own four mouldy walls. Some are extremely lonely, others are lonely inside of their crowded households. We are all lonely and sick predators, killing the planet, our fellow men, ourselves. The virus is doing a favor for many. Others are so scared that they rather be in denial and pretend nothing is happening. We are all looking for normality in a world and society that couldn’t be further away from normality. Reality is tough and rough. We are shallow, we cherish our Blahniks, Vuittons and hair cuts more than we cherish solidarity, health, humanity, peace. Will we ever change? Sure we will. But by now, for many, hair style is more important than existence itself.
Coisas que costumavam ser importantes, de repente, não são mais tão essenciais, apesar de muitos ainda não se darem conta. A sociedade está tão doente, tão descompensada, que foi necessário uma verdadeira pandemia para levar as pessoas a pensar e redefinir sua existência. Não, esses sapatos não eram o que faria você feliz. A beleza deve estar além do corte do cabelo ou, de qualquer maneira, não haverá muito a ser mostrado.

Embora muitos estejam confinados em quarentena, a maioria ainda não percebeu a verdadeira cura à qual deveriam se submeter. As pessoas estão ficando loucas dentro de suas casas, mas elas também estavam loucas lá fora. A maioria não suporta ficar de pé diante do espelho, em silêncio. A voz de seus próximos, tão de perto, podem parecer gritos terríveis de um filme de terror. Algumas pessoas sentem falta desesperada de sua rotina escrava do trabalho corporativo porque preferem ser robôs consumistas da sociedade capitalista do que interagir emocionalmente com seus próprios cônjuges, filhos e família. As pessoas estão ficando loucas porque muitas agora estão sendo forçadas a olhar para suas próprias quatro paredes mofadas. Alguns estão extremamente solitários, outros são solitários dentro de suas próprias casas, lotadas. Somos todos predadores solitários e doentes, matando o planeta, nossos semelhantes, a nós mesmos. O vírus está fazendo um favor para muitos. Outros têm tanto medo que preferem negar a realidade e fingir que nada está acontecendo. Estamos todos buscando a normalidade em um mundo e sociedade que não poderiam estar mais longe da normalidade. A realidade é dura e difícil. Somos superficiais, valorizamos nossos Blaniks, Vuittons e progressivas mais do que valorizamos solidariedade, saúde, humanidade, paz. Mudaremos alguma dia? Claro que sim. Mas agora, para muitos, o estilo do cabelo é mais importante que a própria existência.

Corona virus quarantine

We were not ready to reinvent our days.

Our stories were unsatisfying but known.

Our rutine was less than perfect, but at least we could make plans.

We think we have time. We don’t.

We think we are in control. We are not.

Art is freedom and yet, we chose confinement.

We trust invisible gods while invisible virus can decide our fate.

Our strongest enemy is time, and also our redeemer.

We have almost everything you need, and yet, never enough.
“Almost everything you need/Quase tudo o que você precisa/ Melkein kaikki mitä tarvitset” – 25×30 – Aoc – painting available – Luciana Mariano (c)