Luciana Mariano (c)

Através das gerações carregamos nossos fardos, nossas dores, mas também nossa sabedoria ancestral, nossos talentos. Ao longo do tempo, histórias se tornam estórias e somos capazes de adicionar magia e poesia ao que foi árido e pesado. Trançamos nossos cabelos em todas as cores, formas e texturas para formar um só cordão de desejos, cheios de esperança e força. Somos uma só, embora sejamos muitas e todas únicas. Meninos se tornam pássaros e mulheres se tornam terra, e vice e versa. E na dança da vida nos unimos em comunhão por tudo aquilo que queremos prosseguir, aperfeiçoar e transformar, respeitando nossa efemeridade na perenidade do tempo, permitindo nossas falhas é que alcançamos nossas vitórias. Não sabemos direito o sentido de tudo, mas observamos os fractais da existência, aceitando, resistindo e contornando tudo aquilo que a cada dia brota em nossa estrada. Seguimos com passos firmes, olhos atentos e, sempre que possível, com a leveza do ar.

Through the generations we carry out our burdens and pains, but also our ancestral wisdom and talents. Over time, history become stories and we are able to add magic and poetry to what was dry and heavy. We braid our hair in all colors, shapes and textures to form a single string of desires, full of hope and strength. We are one, although we are many and all unique. Boys become birds and women become earth, and vice versa. And in the dance of life, we unite in communion for everything we want to pursue, improve and transform, respecting our ephemerality in the perpetuity of time, it is allowing our failures we reach for our victories. We don’t really know the meaning of all things, but we observe the fractals of existence, accepting, resisting and overcoming everything that arises on our path, every day. We carry on with firm steps, alert eyes and, whenever possible, with the lightness of air.


Obscene are the news.




adjective: obscene

  1. (of the portrayal or description of sexual matters) offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency.”obscene jokes”

    off colour
    near the knuckle


2. offending against moral principles; repugnant.

Some people will attain their observations at the naked couple. And judge. And have a million different opinions about how pleasing, disturbing, appealing or disgusting the scene is. Other people will completely ignore the couple and see the background. The world is sick and suffering from the lack of consciousness of what is really obscene in society. 

In my humble opinion, love and sex makes us plausible.

Poverty is obscene. Capitalism is obscene. Political ignorance is obscene.

Human predatory nature is obscene. 

Painting available for sale.

Luciana Mariano, 2021

Together / yhdessä / juntos / insieme / sammen

Together / yhdessä / juntos / insieme / sammen

I was thinking about opportunities. A society where everyone could transform their lives according to their aptitudes, talents, dreams instead of their fears, limitations, impositions. How nice it would be if everyone could just be and do what they are and do best, without the pressure of competition, market demands, social conventions.

We all have special traits and talents. We are all unique and overflowing with unique qualities that thrive in the light of diversity. We are living this space and time that is NOW. We are all going down the same road on this short period of time called life.

Why can’t we celebrate, value, cherish, contribute instead of working against each other, opposing, fighting, segregating? Why should respect and solidarity be the exception and not the rule?

Like it or not, we are in this together. We better learn to appreciate it to thrive with it or we are condemned to failure as a species, as individuals or collectives.

Together is better.
Respect for diversity, preciation and empathy are keys.

Painting in exhibition at Naivistit Iittala, summer exhibition 2021.
Stay safe, take care, be merry!


O grito

Em algum lugar do mundo, neste instante, alguém acordou com fome e não tem nenhuma comida em casa para alimentar os filhos. Alguém está trabalhando duro há mais de 8 horas seguidas com o estômago vazio. Alguém não sabe onde vai dormir esta noite, apesar do frio e da chuva. Alguém está sendo insultado, punido, violentado, assassinado por não ter aceitado, compreendido, concordado, obedecido, por ter nascido mulher, por ter nascido negro, por ter nascido gay. 

Enquanto isso, neste mesmo instante, alguém está fazendo mais um milhão nas últimas 2 horas, sem ter sequer se levantado da cama. Alguém está decidindo pelo destino e vida de dezenas, centenas, milhares de pessoas, enquanto saboreia uma lagosta e um vinho raro, num terraço com vista para Mediterrâneo. Alguém está comprando outro yatch, mansão, jet privado com dinheiro público, com dinheiro do tráfico, com dinheiro ganho na exploração ilegal de trabalho, de recursos naturais, do crime. Alguém está rezando em templos enquanto explora, sonega, mata, destrói, corrompe.

E aqui estamos nós, eles, vocês, entre uma coisa e outra, desejando um, lutando com outro, sendo ambos, autorizando todos. Levando e sendo levados pela existência impiedosa, contra a correnteza, a favor do tempo, sem segundas chances, sem perdão.

Nosso silêncio fala muito mais que nossas palavras.

Nossos atos gritam. E quase sempre agimos pela inércia.

Estamos caminhando, mas pouco saímos do lugar.


Somewhere in the world, at this moment, someone woke up hungry and has no food at home to feed their children. Someone has been working hard for more than 8 hours straight, on an empty stomach. Someone does not know where he/she is going to sleep tonight, despite freezing temperatures and rain. Someone is being insulted, punished, violated, raped, murdered for not having accepted, understood, agreed, obeyed, for being born a woman, for being born black, for being born gay.

Meanwhile, right now, someone is making another million in the past 2 hours, even before getting out of bed. Someone is deciding on the fate and lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people, while enjoying an exquisite lobster dish and a rare bottle wine, on a terrace, overlooking the Mediterranean. Someone is buying another yatch, mansion, private jet with public money, with money from traffic, with money earned from illegal exploitation of work, natural resources, crime. Someone is praying in temples while exploiting, evading, killing, destroying, corrupting.

And here we are, they, you, between one thing and the other, wishing for it, fighting it, being both, authorizing everything. Leading and being led by a merciless existence, rowing against the current, towards time, with no second chances, without any forgiveness.

Our silence speaks more than words.
Our acts shout.
We almost always act out of inertia.
We are walking, but we barely move.


Added Value & Class Struggle

Vestido Vermelho – Bienal Naifs do Brasil, 2020, SESC Piracicaba

O mundo é povoado e dominado pelos miseráveis.

A miséria humana reside na fome e na ganância.

Faces da mesma miséria.

Quem pode tem um vestido, quem não pode o produz.

Não haverá paz enquanto crianças morrerem de fome e dormirem entre ratos.

Enquanto o bem estar de poucos não de transformar em bem estar de todos.

Enquanto houver miséria intelectual, moral, ética, haverá miséria material e humana.

Proletariado de todo o mundo, uni-vos.

Desperta; o vestido vermelho é de todes.


Flower on the sidewalk – 2020 – Luciana Mariano ©

Strange times.

We believed to be the alpha species on this planet but we look the other way for a second and there we are, fragile, scared, subject to a tiny teeny virus. And no, it was not a little flu. It was a wake up call to make humans understand the kind of society we have become. We are predators, vicious, egocentric, primitive, violent beings and we take pride on destroying our own planet. Earth is trying to get rid of us. The few of us that can have the luxury of staying in a safe and decent home, with food, peace and comfort, don’t care about the vast majority of vulnerables, who are exposed to despair, hunger and death. Let’s face it: We are no good.

We are still sitting around, thinking about our next vacations and acquisitions, we are still worried about what kind of phone and car we can conquer before our neighbour, not realising the bigger message this weird times are trying to imprint on us. It is time for awakening. It is time to understand that there is no Planet B and if we don’t start behaving in a more conscious, sustainable and holistic way, the planet will succeed on getting rid of us and, before the new dawn, nature will take over again, seeking back it’s balance. We don’t own the planet, it owns us.

Well done Earth! I am on your side.

It was about time, we needed to be stopped, so new flowers could start blooming again on our sidewalks.

Living room and kitchen

Right and Left

We need to understand sides

and realize why they co-exist

Do what is necessary, right

Before nothing else is left

We need to enter, transit 


we all

To Be.

Life is our home

and everyone

Should be able to live.


Living room and kitchen*

Diptich, acrylics on canvas, 2020

Luciana Mariano

  • Works available and in exhibition at Naivistit Iittalassa, Finland.


Humanity needs, urgently, to reconsider its values, reasons, actions. Most of us still believes that we are separated by gender, class, nationality, race. Most of us still believes in religion, a savior god outside of our own selves. We are still struggling against racism, feminicide, abuse, violence, bigotry, xenophoby, homophoby, prejudice, poverty. Humans are humanity biggest enemy. We burn our forests, we exterminate our fellow beings, we destroy nature and idolize money, assets, status, while we bluntly ignore pain and injustice.

2021, 21st century and we have not been this primitive not even when we used to live in caves and had to hunt wild beasts for living. We are savages wearing famous brands and making selfies to post on social media.

I hope things change.
I hope snowball wars are the only hardships we still have to handle.

Happy new year.

Snowball War – diptych – original art available.