Added Value & Class Struggle

Vestido Vermelho – Bienal Naifs do Brasil, 2020, SESC Piracicaba

O mundo é povoado e dominado pelos miseráveis.

A miséria humana reside na fome e na ganância.

Faces da mesma miséria.

Quem pode tem um vestido, quem não pode o produz.

Não haverá paz enquanto crianças morrerem de fome e dormirem entre ratos.

Enquanto o bem estar de poucos não de transformar em bem estar de todos.

Enquanto houver miséria intelectual, moral, ética, haverá miséria material e humana.

Proletariado de todo o mundo, uni-vos.

Desperta; o vestido vermelho é de todes.


Flower on the sidewalk – 2020 – Luciana Mariano ©

Strange times.

We believed to be the alpha species on this planet but we look the other way for a second and there we are, fragile, scared, subject to a tiny teeny virus. And no, it was not a little flu. It was a wake up call to make humans understand the kind of society we have become. We are predators, vicious, egocentric, primitive, violent beings and we take pride on destroying our own planet. Earth is trying to get rid of us. The few of us that can have the luxury of staying in a safe and decent home, with food, peace and comfort, don’t care about the vast majority of vulnerables, who are exposed to despair, hunger and death. Let’s face it: We are no good.

We are still sitting around, thinking about our next vacations and acquisitions, we are still worried about what kind of phone and car we can conquer before our neighbour, not realising the bigger message this weird times are trying to imprint on us. It is time for awakening. It is time to understand that there is no Planet B and if we don’t start behaving in a more conscious, sustainable and holistic way, the planet will succeed on getting rid of us and, before the new dawn, nature will take over again, seeking back it’s balance. We don’t own the planet, it owns us.

Well done Earth! I am on your side.

It was about time, we needed to be stopped, so new flowers could start blooming again on our sidewalks.

Living room and kitchen

Right and Left

We need to understand sides

and realize why they co-exist

Do what is necessary, right

Before nothing else is left

We need to enter, transit 


we all

To Be.

Life is our home

and everyone

Should be able to live.


Living room and kitchen*

Diptich, acrylics on canvas, 2020

Luciana Mariano

  • Works available and in exhibition at Naivistit Iittalassa, Finland.


Humanity needs, urgently, to reconsider its values, reasons, actions. Most of us still believes that we are separated by gender, class, nationality, race. Most of us still believes in religion, a savior god outside of our own selves. We are still struggling against racism, feminicide, abuse, violence, bigotry, xenophoby, homophoby, prejudice, poverty. Humans are humanity biggest enemy. We burn our forests, we exterminate our fellow beings, we destroy nature and idolize money, assets, status, while we bluntly ignore pain and injustice.

2021, 21st century and we have not been this primitive not even when we used to live in caves and had to hunt wild beasts for living. We are savages wearing famous brands and making selfies to post on social media.

I hope things change.
I hope snowball wars are the only hardships we still have to handle.

Happy new year.

Snowball War – diptych – original art available.

The Fake News Inc.

We are subjects to fake news on a daily basis. We have been drowning in lies for way longer than it would possibly be considered normal. Lies are not, never normal. Nor healthy. It shows deep sickness in society. It disguises the lowest forms of manipulation for the benefit of a few. It is the sign of greed and evil in its most disgusting way. We are not only fed with lies, but we help to spread it, as a deadly virus. Corona makes fewer victims than Fake News. They say: “A lie, told a million times, become the truth” – but in virtual social media times, a few likes and shares are enough to sink deeply and overtake less smart brains and become a pandemic of lies and misinformation. People have no filter, not enough information and education to differentiate right from wrong anymore. We see poor people defending rich people´s interests. We see women obeying and complying to misogyny and prejudice. We see minorities allowing their opressor to absurd acts of cruelty and violence. Fake news become justifiable knowledge for idiots. And we see all of them worshipping the very knife that will stab their own flesh, sooner or later.

Memories of the summer

2020 is a year to forget. As any, each and every year, good and bad things happens, but 2020, if possible, should be excused, deleted, forgotten. As plants need water and sun, we need good memories to give us the strength to carry on, to feed the life in us. The clock may stop but time doesn’t. We should not waste our precious days looking back, because life is the kind of rollercoaster that doesn’t stop until the ride is over and our only concern should be keeping track, holding fast and looking forward. And perhaps also enjoying the wind on our skin, on every possible opportunity. Life is too short to waste in fear, lies, drama. If we have a choice, we should choose beauty, every time. We should not be hostages of our own imposition, tyranny or decisions. Life and others already do that, we should not comply. We are free and like so should we remain. We accept imposed limitations and we carry too much unnecessary burdens. We fight battles that are not ours, on a daily basis, for a life time. We should live, not only survive. Last summer I tried to ignored the pain and purposely tried to enjoy the light of precious moments. That book, those colors, the grass and the breeze, the taste of caramel and macadamia ice cream on a hot day. Clouds and blue sky. Do not take your peace and your pleasure for granted. All the rest is manageable, but some things should not be negotiable. We need to built good memories to endure tough times. We need to leave the past in the past. Good memories naturally resist the proof of time. Art does too.


Networking is easy
You use your strenghts
A good sense of balance
Dashing personality
Social skills
Top physical condition
A bit of charm
Mental capacity
Reherse. Repeat.
Learn your environment.
Understand your peers.
You will need some experience too
Perhaps a pinch of oil and glitter
A lot of practice
Music can help
But some times it disturbs
Good bones
Perfect hygiene
Strategic thinking
A nice hair cut might help
Artsy performance
Stretchy muscles
Sculptural hips
Aesthetical conception
Math skills
Political awareness
Technological talents
Long eyelashes.
Learn to pray.
Learn some jokes too.
Speak several languages
Floss regularly
Eclectic taste helps
Acquire some popular and erudite knowledge
Wear a deodorant.
Offer a pleasant smile
Stay quiet
Speak if you need
Breath in
Breath out.

But above all:
Be flexible, resilient
and have some sense of humor.

Original art work available, get in touch!

Luciana Mariano 2020 (c)

Coffee (or tea)

This time, an imaginary delight.

Wishful thinking of a petit comité

of huge proportions

Important beautiful characters

Human, powerful, 

Intelligent, historical

Sitting together

Having tea (or coffe)

and cake on an idle late afternoon.
Time doesn’t need to exist

In art.
We can make it timeless

and promote epical meetings

of extreme tenderness

and powerful ideas.

Words, colors and stories

that validate existences

justify legacies

understand dreams 

allow differences

encourage poetry

permit beauty

Offer truth.

We don’t ask for much

but we want everything;

We deserve way more 

than everything we’ve gotten so far

and we wait for no one 

to give it to us.

We are the first, second 

And all of the possible sexes

We wear black, pink 

Scarves and flowers

blue or nothing

and we walk 

with dignity

and integrity

More than anyone

that ever walked 

before us.

We fight for justice and ideals

We demand voice and place

we cherish equality and opportunity

we search for meaning.

We are the pain, the power

and the peace 

that gives life a chance.

We sit together, just because we can.

Just because art brings us all together.

In art all is possible, even the simplest things

as coffee (or tea) and cake

on an idle late afternoon.

Luciana Mariano (c) 2020
Artwork: Frida and Angela having tea (or coffee) at Simone’s place.