Goodbye 2016

It was about time. 2016 was a heavy year to bare. Brazil suffered a dirty, evil, imperialist financed, media promoted, disgusting political attack (yes it was a coup d’etat), they impeached a honest, democratically elected president and allowed Brazil to go back to curruption, poverty and dependency. Yes, you are all guilty of it. You all watched our young beautiful nation being raped, and yet, you did nothing. Your body may be going to the beach in a fancy new car, but your mind is blind, enslaved, in chains. 

I am happy 2016 will soon be over. At least metaphorically we have a new chance for better days. Yes, I am bitter about this and many othe things. And my only escape from the reality I do not cope with is to paint. I paint easy days with beautiful things to look at, peaceful times, loving people. I paint calm walls of protection, lovely china on the table with delicious cakes, bread, jam, butter, fresh brewed coffee, warm milk. I paint light curtains, beautiful sunsets, cute animals. I paint neat clothes, delicate groomed hairs, timid smiles, attemptive eyes. I paint good company and happy expectations. I paint time and space that suits the soul, embraces the eyes. I paint small treasures and details that invites your attention, your fantasy, your smiles. I paint flowers and clouds, sea and nice water kettle on the warm stove. I paint memories and dreams. I walk myself out of frustration and desappointment through colors and brushes. Striking fresh paint on immaculate canvas allows me to offer a different reality and believe in a better world. 

I am eager to start the new year. I am ready for a self built reality filled with happiness and pleasant present moments.

It is time for a new painting. Always time for a new chance.
PAINTING AVAILABLE FOR SALE – 30x40cm – acrylics on canvas – “Kökar”, 2016.

Christmas Sale!

Seven pieces for sale. Exclusive, original, unique Christmas gifts for your very loved, special ones.

1- Orange Blue Vase

2- Cat on the table

3- grandpa’s home

4- The rain

5- The party

6- Tea time

7- Norwich

Get in touch and get more information: / WhatsApp: +5511983340910

Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏼🎁❤️

Empty spaces

December arrives and the year ends. It sounds like a metaphore for life…and it is.

The end of the year brings loads of thoughts and considerations about things that really matter and other things that simply fade away, as they never even existed. Empty spaces are so poetic. It is time to make room for the new, emptying boxes, drawers, minds, hearts and souls of the things, feelings and thoughts that no longer have place, importance or use. We are getting one year further away from what was and approaching whatever else it will be. Letting go is not always an easy thing to do. Some of the things left behind can never be replaced, but they still need to be left behind. December is time to celebrate symbols and comemorate our capacity to love and reinvent, end and restart. December holds, besides many beloved friends’, my brother’s and my son’s birthday. One is forever missed and gone and the other one is my reason to carry on. December is not an easy month for me. But it is also one of my very favorite times of the year. With lovely smells and tastes like glöck, roast, cakes and cookies. It has sprinkled magic disguised as tiny bright lights and candles. Hot and cold. Extreme conditions, feelings and weather, according to where you are and how you feel.

December, for me, is a cozy empty space.

Empathy, kindness and flowers.

Kindness is better than religion, titles, possessions, better than anything money can buy. Kindness often has no name, no face, no address, because kindness is the love you can give to anyone, unconditionally. Kindness can give food and shelter disguised as charity, but its more than that. It’s much more, further and beyond guilt or duty, that’s for sure. Kindness is unpretentious, unexpected, true donation of humanity. It’s not a trade and certainly not a burden. It’s easy to get and give and in that way it’s wider than love itself. It’s not a present, not a stack of money, nor a bunch of dead flowers or a painted canvas. It is the priceless smile that is given and received with a silent hug of a million words. People who can wear the fellow man’s shoes and really understand how and why. Empathy causes kindness. Empathy is beauty beyond looks, words, things. Empathy and kindness could heal the world. We need more of it. Loads of it. 

About suitcases, tea and hugs.


Love is the strangest thing and yet also the most beautiful of all things. People are afraid to love. Or to show love. Sometimes even talking about it is hard for some. Many try their hardest not to surrender to it, not fall in it, not give in, give out, give away in any form, as if given, they would run out of it. Love is the only thing that the more you give it, the more you are going to get of it. It may not come immediately in return nor even from the same person whom you dispensed yours to, but it will return in many ways, shapes and forms because love causes expansion and you cannot give it away without geting surrounded by it, and becoming bigger and better  yourself, because of it. Some times we love with our words, with our gestures, with presents or presence. Some loves are silent, others physical, divine, fraternal, unconditional. Some people think they love but they trade. Other people believe they know how to love but without self love it is just an illusion (no one is able to give what they don’t have and hold within). Love requires one to be powerful and delicate at the same time. No one can die of excessive love but the lack of it starves one to death. Love is a cup of tea, a meal, a hug, a suitcase full of stories, a painting, a pet, a green chair. Love, when it comes from the heart, brings you close to God. Its a resting place, simplicity, pleasure, energy source. The humblest emotion and yet the greatest feeling of them all.


dear friends, thanks for all the help, support, love

you know who you are

I know too.

Famiglia – Família – Familie – Family Art

Family art.


You can make memories last forever with a painting. Your kids will grow up, time will pass, but your most precious moments will remain intact in a piece of art. Thank you Dotoli Family for bringing your family to my eyes, heart and brushes. Grazie. Obrigada ❤️

The Elephant In The Room


Life has funny ways to show us the way. Signs. Presences and absences. Dreams. It’s not the destination but the journey. It’s not what we see but what we feel. How we feel and perceive it. Not easy to choose, to decide, to trust the movement of life. Eyes shut, breathing, silencing the noisy mind and allowing the air to invade your skin, your pores and lungs. What is the elephant in your room? What does it mean to you? How to deal with it? Pure mystery and yet plenty of possibilities.





Some places bring us back to the kind of peace we never had, to childhood memories that never happened, to the life we only could wish it was our very own. In places and moments like this I understand better the song Caetano Veloso wrote when exiled in London in the 70’s*. Thanks Sarah and Norwich for the calm, peaceful and productive days of pure bliss, inspiration and friendship.


Brazil just lost it’s democraticly elected president Dilma Rousseff in a dirty impeachment conducted by the most corrupt politicians, fascists and drug/media lords. Don’t let the young and fragile Brazilian Democracy die. Please share #ForaTemer and let the world know that a Coup d’etat is happening in Brazil NOW.


watch here Caetano’s song:

Commissioned work: Uma obra de arte para chamar de sua


Each work gives me more and teaches me more that I ever suspected they would. When I met Angela she was interested on my printed flip-flops. It was a gift for family in Italy. Almost two years later we talked again and she said she would love acquiring one of my works of art. I suggested some but she was not sure it would be affordable for her. She revealed her desire for a bespoke painting, something specially made for her, with elements and memories of her life that she would love to carry with her and then later pass on to her upcoming generations. She was surprised how possible, special and affordable it was. The result was a delicate work with her dearest memories, surrounded by warm hugs, laughter and tears for both artist and owner. Thank you Angela for letting me access your home, history, heart and soul. You are a beautiful person, your painting couldn’t become any less adorable.


Cada trabalho me dá mais e me ensina mais do que eu jamais suspeitaria posível. Quando eu conheci Angela que ela estava interessada em meus trabalhos impressos em chinelos e bolsas. Era um presente para a família na Itália. Quase dois anos depois , nos falamos de novo e ela disse que adoraria adquirir uma das minhas obras de arte. Eu sugeri alguns, mas ela não tinha certeza de que seria acessível para ela. Ela revelou seu desejo de uma pintura sob medida , algo feito especialmente para ela, com elementos e memórias de sua vida que ela gostaria de levar com ela e depois passar para suas próximas gerações. Ela se surpreendeu com o quão possível, especial e acessível era um projeto assim. O resultado foi um trabalho delicado com suas memórias mais queridas , rodeado por abraços calorosos , risos e lágrimas , tanto para o artista e proprietário. Obrigado Angela por me deixar acessar sua casa , história, coração e alma. Você é uma pessoa bonita , sua pintura não poderia ter sido menos adorável.