Cat love

You know the quality of a friend in the moments you have least to offer.

He can pick you up, clean, feed and hold you or he can close the dumpster.

It is very easy to be friends with someone with a nice home and car, large swimming pool and a fridge full of beer. It is easy to be friends with someone that always pleases you and brings you a certain status, benefits, easy talks, give and take, a shallow but satisfying, light approach.

It is not easy to get your hands dirty and put up with the ugly sides (or moments) of someone. Not easy to face someone’s pain and have the patience to sit beside him in silence, or even lay down on the ground with him for a while, just so he knows you understand (or not) and he is not alone. That’s what makes a real friend. That’s how you know what kind of a friend you have got, what kind of a friend you are. 

It’s easy to wiggle the tale.

But it’s the silent healing friendship that counts and makes a difference.

Cat love is not shown but felt.

No fuzz nor advertisement.

It is just there.


Phonthip & Laurent


Two worlds
Four friends
One heart!

Mercí Noi and Laurent!



Titulo: “A melhor amiga” / “The very best friend”
Tamanho: 28×35 cm
Técnica: Acrílico sobre tela
Ano: 2013
Preço: R$600,00 / U$ 300 / €200,-

Um amigo é alguém que fica quando todos se foram.
É alguém que oferece tudo o que tem
E se nada tem, disponibilizam-se, sem ressalvas.
É a mão firme quando se tem medo
o copo de água quando se tem sede
Um abrigo seguro e quente quando se tem frio e dor
Amigo é alguém que não precisa de você, não cobra, nem exige nada
mas não te abandona nunca
e sempre aparece quando você realmente precisa.
Amigos têm sempre uma delicadeza nas mãos
Nos gestos, nos lábios e no olhar.
Amigos, quando não sabem o que dizer,
oferecem o mais sábio e acolhedor silêncio
E aí se fazem essenciais, quando mais nada fazia sentido.

When it feels like home

I was thinking about how great life can be and how blessed I am because of the people I know, the places I go, the things I do.

I’m trying to return to myself after long, empty and dark years living for others. It was like starving in a feast, drowning in an empty pool or waiting for a miracle that would never come. Not being in power of your own life and destiny is like feeling homeless in captivity.

It’s good to belong to my own element again. Feels just right. Home is a special place (and it can be anywhere!) where you can see and allow yourself to exist and be happy.

Today I am.


A Little help from my friends…

A little help from my friends
What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song,
And I’ll try not to sing out of key.
I get by with a little help from my friends,
I get high with a little help from my friends,
Going to try with a little help from my friends.
What do I do when my love is away.
(Does it worry you to be alone)
How do I feel by the end of the day
(Are you sad because you’re on your own)
No I get by with a little help from my friends,
Do you need anybody,
I need somebody to love.
Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love.
Would you believe in a love at first sight,
Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time.
What do you see when you turn out the light,
I can’t tell you, but I know it’s mine.
Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,
Do you need anybody,
I just need somebody to love,
Could it be anybody,
I want somebody to love.
I get by with a little help from my friends,
Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,
With a little help from my friends.



Doce surpresa da semana.

Ninguém está realmente sozinho se depender dos amigos. As vezes acho até que  Deus não me deixou ganhar na loteria ainda porque o capital humano que ele me provê é superior a qualquer fortuna financeira que eu possa imaginar em possuir. Nesta semana encontrei minha amiga-anjo Valeria Paterna, a quem me cedeu casa, comida e amizade, há 20 anos atrás. Amigos de verdade são assim. Tesouros raros. Jóias únicas. Valores que o coração guarda e que nunca perdem o valor, a beleza, a grandeza.

Ainda me pego espantada com o plano divino que coloca pessoas assim no meu caminho.

Amigos são exemplos da ALTA estima fora de nós… e motivos para a AUTO estima dentro de nós.

Obrigada Valeria Teresa Paterna, Claudia Grosso-Couto, Susanna, Francesca e Vittoria Gianinni, Famiglia Di Legami, Elô, Vanessa, Márcia, Claudia, e tantas, tantas amigas e amigos que moram no meu coração e me acolhem nos seus.

Time to smell the flowers

There is a picture on the wall, but I´m not sure it´s a real painting. It could be a mirror. It shows a narrow place with no windows, one painting on the right side with a quiet but colorful landscape. And then there is an open door. A door that will probably take you out of the sameness of the days. A door that was perhaps used by a tired soul to scape a world of frustration, someone that used to be buried under a safe ceiling, hidden by a comfy red armchair and cousy wall papers.
There is a key on the side coffee table. Beneath the key lays a piece of paper – maybe a message? a farewell note? or even just a gentle tissue avoiding scratches on the wooden furniture.
The flowers are silent as the cat. They both mind their own business while I wonder, frenetically, about things I don´t understand, stuff I can´t explain, feelings I can´t express.

Never mind the nonsense. Take the time to smell the flowers if you can. Run away, if you get the chance. I know I did.

Thank you Mauro, Carlos, Alba, Edson and all of my  friends for the scent of flowers and the opportunity to make a living while I continue to persue my dreams!

Lolô & Lulu

friends are sisters that we choose

friends are angels that we find

friends are people that we love

above and beyond anything, friends are a gift from life.

Happy birthday Lolô. Happy life, always.