The year is about to end and it’s time to say  Спасибо.

This beautiful word is constantly in my mind: Спасибо ( read as spacibo, means Thank you)… 

This was a good year and this is the most appropriate word to say.

Last year I spent New Year’s Eve in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I spent almost three months in Russia and it was amazing.

I discovered a rich city that looks like an open air museum, architectural monuments, impressive buildings, massive dosis of fascinating history all over the place. Beauty. The best museum I have ever visited (The Hermitage). But on top of all the aesthetical and historical wonderland, Saint Petersburg has people. I mean real people. People that even in a -27°C snowy-icy-windy-freezing weather finds smily kindness to give you helping guidance, information, directions. The Russian people seem very serious and cold at first, but give them a little sympathy and gratitude and in return you will find funny, beautiful, generous friends. I had a blast. I was so overwhelmed by every place I visited and every person I met, that I began to feel like home. Yes. Russia can be messy, unorganized, decadent and corrupt. But nothing I haven’t seen before in so many other places, including my very own. Russia has a severe winter that is somehow harmoniously balanced with its beautiful people and warm, voluptuous culture. Of course that was my impression and other opinions might differ from mine. I made friends there that I will carry for life. I will always remember but more than that I will always dream of coming back. And I will.

It’s good to know people that you can rely on. Generosity and kindness that will remain in my heart and will always echo: Спасибо.

Спасибо Oleg, Vika, Pooh, Kate, Tanya, Galina, Mariana, Nico, Kelly, Ksenya, Igor, Liza and so many lovely people that made my time in Russia so amazing!



Artwork: When it starts to snow – 30×40 (work inspired and painted in my stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia) –  AVAILABLE


Russian Poetry

The unknown is terrifying territory. 

Whoever was born in South-America, in the 70’s, grew up dreaming of Disneyland, getting a pair of imported “american” tennis shoes for Christmas and acquiring electronic devices. The idea of traveling, even inside the country, was a far fetch for most of the ordinary people. We had the freedom, just not the money (nor the culture). Cuba and Russia, throughout the Cold War years were painted as hell itself, those terrible communists child-eaters and their despicable, vicious, socialist ways. Anti propaganda was subtle and agressive, at the same time. Heaven on Earth was the american dream and Dante’s inferno were compressed in the letters USSR. 

Time is wise and the winds never ceases blowing. Life is this little sail boat that, by chance or necessity brings us to the edges of the world, and shows us what our eyes and soul were longing or needed to see. 

Life is full of plot twists.

From HEL ( those who travel know where it is) I had to flee to the Great Unknown.

And suddenly, here I was, prepared for the wild, cold and unkind roughness of Russia.  

Instead I found all the opposite of whatever bad things I had ever heard.

Kind, true, helpful, well read but humble, beautiful people. A city that transcends beauty, history, culture. Deep blue skies, white snowy grounds and breath taking architecture that even in a -23°C makes you just stop and gaze, astonished, such enchanted, magical, gorgeous sceneries. Useless to describe. If you want to comprehend the beauty of this place you will have to come and see, explore, experience it by yourself. Leningrad is amazing. Saint Petersburg is astonishing. 

The unknown is a wonderful territory.
Beauty and coziness inspired me.

Russian composition of color and poetry.

“Russian Poetry” – acrylics on canvas – 30×40

march/2017 – Luciana Mariano ©

O desconhecido é terrível território.

Quem nasceu na América do Sul, nos anos 70, cresceu sonhando com a Disneylândia, ganhar um par de tênis americanos “importados” para o Natal e adquir aparelhos eletrônicos. A idéia de viajar, mesmo dentro do país, era um sonho distante para a maioria das pessoas comuns. Tivemos a liberdade, apenas não o dinheiro (nem a cultura) para tal. Cuba e Rússia, ao longo dos anos da Guerra Fria, foram pintados como o próprio inferno, os terríveis comunistas comedores de crianças e seus modos desprezíveis, viciosos e socialistas. A propaganda “anti” era sutil e agressiva, ao mesmo tempo. O Céu na Terra era o sonho americano e o inferno de Dante foi comprimido nas cartas URSS.

O tempo é sábio e os ventos nunca cessam de soprar. A vida é este pequeno barco de vela que, por acaso ou necessidade, nos leva às margens do mundo e nos mostra o que nossos olhos e nossa alma anseiam ou precisam ver.

A vida está cheia de reviravoltas.

De HEL (aqueles que viajam sabem onde é) eu tive partir para o grande desconhecido.

E, de repente, aqui estava eu, preparada para a selvageria, frieza e desagradável aspereza da Rússia. Mas ao invés disso, encontrei só o oposto disso tudo. 

Pessoas amáveis, verdadeiras, prestativas, bem instruídas, mas humildes e lindas. Uma cidade que transcende beleza, história, cultura. Céus azuis profundos, solos nevados brancos e arquitetura de tirar o fôlego que, mesmo em -23 ° C faz você parar e olhar, surpreendido, encantado, a mágica de tão belos cenários. Inútil descrever. Se você quiser compreender o que é a beleza deste lugar, você tem que vir, ver, explorar, experimentar por si mesmo. Leningrado é incrível. São Petersburgo é surpreendente.

O desconhecido é território maravilhoso.
A beleza e o aconchego me inspiraram.

Composição de cor e poesia, russas.

“Poesia Russa” – acrílico sobre linho – 30×40

março/2017 – Luciana Mariano © 

Nem tudo são flores

Hoje 15 de Março de 2017, é dia de Greve Geral no Brasil. Após o GOLPE este é o único caminho a seguir. À você que luta, que entende que o Brasil está vivendo o fim dos direitos, da justiça, da inclusão polular, da democracia, que pensa nos menos favorecidos e que não aceita a demonização da esquerda, eu ofereço flores. Flores nascidas em Leningrado, Russia.


This painting’s name is “Russian Flowers” – they were painted in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in February/March 2017. It was inspired in the beauty and richness of Russian culture, while discovering this incredible city, its amazing history and legacy. Thank you gorgeous, sweet, friendly people of Saint Petersburg for (even under -23° C) making me feel so comfortable, happy and warmly home. Thank you SPb for your colors, magnificence, generosity, kindness and undescribeble beauty. You won’t be forgotten.

Спасибо санкт-петербург.


PAINTING AVAILABLE/ OBRA DISPONÍVEL: Russian Flowers / Flores Russas, 30×40, acrylics on linen.