Create your reality

Magic happens when we don’t have something and we create it.

We can look at things and comply with it or not.

Cloudy walls is a paint about creating your own reality.

About tenderness and self empowerment.

The green chair is hope and rest.

The served table is about self nourishment, self love.

The cat is the certainty that we are never completely alone.

The portrait is the new possibilities, the change.

The hat is self protection, self care.

She looks at her past, but takes a stand for her future.

She is sweet, loving, beautiful… But stands firm, on solid ground. 

She stands for what she believes and cares.

She exists and allows everyone else to exist too.

She is you, me, all of us.
Clowdy walls – acrylics on canvas board – 18×24 cm – AVAILABLE FOR SALE

The house of the three cats

The house of the three cats
Is a place where you can be who you are

There you are allowed to embrace

Whoever you were born to be.

It’s a place where freedom 

speaks louder than empty statements

And morals are built upon respect

For diversity

inclusion and justice.

In the house of the three cats

Your color




and preferences

Can only concern yourself

And everyone else accepts you

Beyond your flaws and qualities.

Because you are


so much more

Than your looks and opinions.

There you can exist 

without being judged

Days and nights are merely

Aspects of time

And you can interact with reality

According to your own

Perspective and perception.

There you can be 





Or nothing.

As long as you are 

Kind and respectful

Generous and gentle.

There you will find your kindred souls

No mater who you are.
Love takes you there, empathy is the key.

If you have it, you are always welcome.

A casa dos três gatos
É um lugar onde você pode ser o que é

Lá você tem permissão para abraçar

Aquele que você nasceu para ser.

É um lugar onde a liberdade

fala mais alto que declarações vazias

E a moral é construída sobre o respeito

Pela diversidade

inclusão e justiça.

Na casa dos três gatos

Sua cor




e preferências

Só dizem respeito a você mesmo

E todo mundo te aceita 

Além das suas falhas e qualidades.

Porque você é


muito mais

Do que sua aparência e opinião.

Lá você pode existir

sem ser julgado.

Dias e noites são meramente

aspectos do tempo

E você pode interagir com a realidade

de acordo com a sua

Perspectiva e percepção.

Lá você pode ser





Ou ninguém.

Contanto que você esteja

Bom e respeitoso

Generoso e gentil.

Lá você encontrará suas almas afins

Não importa quem você seja.
O amor te leva você até lá, mas empatia é a chave.

Se você a tem, você será sempre bem vindo.

Tempos instáveis

The presidential election in Brazil ends tomorrow, 28th October 2018. 

It can literally be the end of a democratic era or a second chance for it.

It is an odd case of extremes.

In one side Fernando Haddad, a university professor with amazing carriere both academically and politically acclaimed. A successful Minister of Education for 7 years, who built hundreds of schools and Universities, who introduced and implemented dozens, perhaps hundreds of educational programs and projects on which millions of students had access and opportunity to education, professional improvement and social inclusion. Then he was the mayor of the biggest city in South America and did a stupendous administration, despite the corrosive opposition and the critical national and international scenario. He is a humanist, a social democrat, a man of way more virtues than flaws and yet he is now running against the worst Brazilian politician of all times. Jair Bolsonaro exemplifies and represents everything a man shouldn’t do or be in the 21st century. He is misogenous, racist, corrupt, lazy, stupid and violent, but also a coward. He has been in politics for 30 years and the only success he had was on putting three of his kids on politics and multiplying his assets in many millions of dirty, corrupt money. He had, during this time, only two projects approved and they had nothing to do with the people. He publicly declares his hate for blacks, gays, indigenous, women. He defends that every citizen should own a gun. He said that he will start a war against our neighbors Venezuela to clean up communism (Maduro was elected by the majority of the Venezuelan people… But they have oil. Do the math). He wants to do Trump’s dirty work using young Brazilian blood. Very convenient. 
Tomorrow is election day in Brazil.

We can become a fascist country, ruled by a mad man.

Or we can choose Haddad and give our future a chance.
It should be a very simple choice.

But these are not very easy times.
May love and hope prevail.
A eleição presidencial no Brasil termina amanhã, 28 de outubro de 2018.

Pode literalmente ser o fim de uma era democrática ou uma segunda chance para ela.

É um caso estranho de extremos.

De um lado, Fernando Haddad, um professor universitário de carreiras incríveis, aclamado academica e politicamente. Um bem sucedido Ministro da Educação por 7 anos, que construiu centenas de escolas e universidades, que introduziram e implementaram dezenas, talvez centenas de programas educacionais e projetos nos quais milhões de estudantes tiveram acesso e oportunidade de educação, aperfeiçoamento profissional e inclusão social. Em seguida, ele foi o prefeito da maior cidade da América do Sul e fez uma administração estupenda, apesar da oposição corrosiva e do cenário nacional e internacional crítico. Ele é um humanista, um social-democrata, um homem de muito mais virtudes do que falhas e, no entanto, está agora concorrendo contra o pior político brasileiro de todos os tempos. Jair Bolsonaro exemplifica e representa tudo o que um homem não deveria fazer ou estar no século XXI. Ele é misógeno, racista, corrupto, preguiçoso, estúpido e violento, além de covarde. Ele está na política há 30 anos e o único sucesso que teve foi colocar seus três filhos na política e multiplicar seus ativos em milhões de dinheiro sujo e corrupto. Ele teve, durante todos estes anos, apenas dois projetos aprovados e eles não tinham nada a ver com o povo. Ele declara publicamente seu ódio por negros, gays, indígenas e mulheres. Ele defende que todo cidadão deve possuir uma arma. Ele disse que vai começar uma guerra contra os nossos vizinhos da Venezuela para limpar o comunismo (Maduro foi eleito pela maioria do povo venezuelano … E eles têm petróleo. Faça as contas). Ele quer fazer o trabalho sujo de Trump usando sangue dos jovens brasileiros. Muito conveniente.
Amanhã é dia de eleição no Brasil.

Podemos nos tornar um país fascista, governado por um homem louco.

Ou podemos escolher Haddad e dar uma chance ao nosso futuro.
Deveria ser uma escolha muito simples.

Mas estes não são tempos muito fáceis.
Que o amor e a esperança prevaleçam. 

#HaddadPresidente #13


Obra disponível, direitos autorais reservados.

Art work available, copy rights reserved.

Luciana Mariano, 2018.

Estonia, a love story

It was one of these unexpected gifts of life. Unknown country, city, place, people and yet, I felt completely home, welcome and happy. Kondase Keskus is a Naive Art Museum in the city of Viljandi, Estonia. But is much more than a beautiful centre of arts. It is a magical place with amazing scenery and gorgeous, strong and kind people. I had no idea that such place existed and I am really happy life brought me there. It was my last exhibition and somehow it felt like a heavenly present for my carriere. A sign. A secret message from life to make me understand that happiness is made of small, special places and moments like this and nothing in life is permanent, everything unfolds for better chances, new beginnings and growth. My art grew and found love on Viljandi. So did I. 

Thank you Kondase Keskus for this opportunity.

Thank you Estonia, Viljandi and its kind people.

Thank you Harri.

Thank you Mare and Mari.

Thank you Mari, Johanna and Hendrik.


The end.

I moved to a new country six months ago. A new language that is not very easy to learn. A new place and culture, new challenges. It’s about love and survival, always, life is. And every new challenge brings its own new obstacles and pleasures, lessons and adversities. This is my new place, I want to learn how to exist here.

Therefor I am stepping out of my artistic carriere. 

The past ten years were all about struggle with very little reward. Times when I gave a lot of my work in exchange of food and simpathy, but most times in exchange of nothing. I survived but I can’t say I made a living out of it. I worked a lot but my work was many times locked up in dusty dark cellars with no sales. The world doesn’t reward or support simple art. And I am a simple artist. 

Some gallerists got their free paintings and never sold a piece.

Some tried to help, most never even bothered.

Friends bought underpriced paintings and I was fed for a while.

Some stole my paintings and took my works without ever paying for it. 

In fact, they stole much more than they took. 

Many appreciated my work but didn’t understand the bigger picture.

Women artists should be encouraged, supported, consumed. I am not getting younger, I cant wait for society’s higher conscienceness to kick in. There are children in cages in this world, human and civil rights being slaughtered, the last thing people are thinking about is silly naive art. People are either worried with their new car or vacation or struggling to put food in their plates, it’s not about art. 

I should use my silly art to make a statement, but my plate is also empty and nobody works on an empty stomach.

I can’t do this anymore. I need to survive. 

I need to grow out of my sorrow and be selfish enough to do another thing.

I am in another country, I am in another story, this is my new thing.

I have now, for the first time in my life, a love big enough that makes me feel safe and nurtured, energized and motivated. I want this change. I need to belong. I am going to take this opportunity to reinvent myself, to learn and be a part of something real. New beginnings are in order. This is it.
Thank you to the few real dear people who truly supported me for this past 10 years.

I know who you are and I don’t forget.
This is the end. And it feels right.

Luciana Mariano

Carnaval Carnival Carnevale 


Dance, play, laugh, be happy, be kind, be free.

Empower women. Respect women. Encourage them to be free.

Spread love. Live love. Be love.

Yes, you look fabulous in a bikini.




The year is about to end and it’s time to say  Спасибо.

This beautiful word is constantly in my mind: Спасибо ( read as spacibo, means Thank you)… 

This was a good year and this is the most appropriate word to say.

Last year I spent New Year’s Eve in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I spent almost three months in Russia and it was amazing.

I discovered a rich city that looks like an open air museum, architectural monuments, impressive buildings, massive dosis of fascinating history all over the place. Beauty. The best museum I have ever visited (The Hermitage). But on top of all the aesthetical and historical wonderland, Saint Petersburg has people. I mean real people. People that even in a -27°C snowy-icy-windy-freezing weather finds smily kindness to give you helping guidance, information, directions. The Russian people seem very serious and cold at first, but give them a little sympathy and gratitude and in return you will find funny, beautiful, generous friends. I had a blast. I was so overwhelmed by every place I visited and every person I met, that I began to feel like home. Yes. Russia can be messy, unorganized, decadent and corrupt. But nothing I haven’t seen before in so many other places, including my very own. Russia has a severe winter that is somehow harmoniously balanced with its beautiful people and warm, voluptuous culture. Of course that was my impression and other opinions might differ from mine. I made friends there that I will carry for life. I will always remember but more than that I will always dream of coming back. And I will.

It’s good to know people that you can rely on. Generosity and kindness that will remain in my heart and will always echo: Спасибо.

Спасибо Oleg, Vika, Pooh, Kate, Tanya, Galina, Mariana, Nico, Kelly, Ksenya, Igor, Liza and so many lovely people that made my time in Russia so amazing!



Artwork: When it starts to snow – 30×40 (work inspired and painted in my stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia) –  AVAILABLE


A purple cat perhaps

can stand

For whatever differences

We may represent

In this ecological



Our uniquenesses

our ideas

and battles

Often speak louder

Than our loudest

Repeated words.

Not easy to live

In a society where

So many speak

But so few say anything

That is worth 


Colors yell.

They Play

They Whisper

while screaming,


what they really

want to 


Even the simplest

And most naive


Painted cat


Some times

Say: odd is good.

Our differences makes us special





Empathy for these differences

Makes us better

And allows us

To exist

In a better



possible world.

Cat love

You know the quality of a friend in the moments you have least to offer.

He can pick you up, clean, feed and hold you or he can close the dumpster.

It is very easy to be friends with someone with a nice home and car, large swimming pool and a fridge full of beer. It is easy to be friends with someone that always pleases you and brings you a certain status, benefits, easy talks, give and take, a shallow but satisfying, light approach.

It is not easy to get your hands dirty and put up with the ugly sides (or moments) of someone. Not easy to face someone’s pain and have the patience to sit beside him in silence, or even lay down on the ground with him for a while, just so he knows you understand (or not) and he is not alone. That’s what makes a real friend. That’s how you know what kind of a friend you have got, what kind of a friend you are. 

It’s easy to wiggle the tale.

But it’s the silent healing friendship that counts and makes a difference.

Cat love is not shown but felt.

No fuzz nor advertisement.

It is just there.

Goodbye 2016

It was about time. 2016 was a heavy year to bare. Brazil suffered a dirty, evil, imperialist financed, media promoted, disgusting political attack (yes it was a coup d’etat), they impeached a honest, democratically elected president and allowed Brazil to go back to curruption, poverty and dependency. Yes, you are all guilty of it. You all watched our young beautiful nation being raped, and yet, you did nothing. Your body may be going to the beach in a fancy new car, but your mind is blind, enslaved, in chains. 

I am happy 2016 will soon be over. At least metaphorically we have a new chance for better days. Yes, I am bitter about this and many othe things. And my only escape from the reality I do not cope with is to paint. I paint easy days with beautiful things to look at, peaceful times, loving people. I paint calm walls of protection, lovely china on the table with delicious cakes, bread, jam, butter, fresh brewed coffee, warm milk. I paint light curtains, beautiful sunsets, cute animals. I paint neat clothes, delicate groomed hairs, timid smiles, attemptive eyes. I paint good company and happy expectations. I paint time and space that suits the soul, embraces the eyes. I paint small treasures and details that invites your attention, your fantasy, your smiles. I paint flowers and clouds, sea and nice water kettle on the warm stove. I paint memories and dreams. I walk myself out of frustration and desappointment through colors and brushes. Striking fresh paint on immaculate canvas allows me to offer a different reality and believe in a better world. 

I am eager to start the new year. I am ready for a self built reality filled with happiness and pleasant present moments.

It is time for a new painting. Always time for a new chance.
PAINTING AVAILABLE FOR SALE – 30x40cm – acrylics on canvas – “Kökar”, 2016.