Toasting this tiny brief moment called life.


Life is brief.

Everything we give way too much importance, acquisitions, hair, clothes, jewelry, things, people, will be consumed by the relentless action of time. Impermanence is the prime characteristic of life. And from it nothing is carried, nothing remains.

From this angle, nothing can be more tangible than experience.

Moments of joy, pleasure, peace justify existence.

Friendship, love

Convesations, hugs

Care, kindness

Coffee with cake on a quiet afternoon

Wine and confidences among friends of new or long standing relationships.

If nothing stays, better to make each moment a gift of the now.

Good memories will feed the soul more than any fool’s gold on the shelves of age.

A toast to an easy, happy, light life.

To life, so brief.

A vida é breve.
Tudo o que damos demasiada portância, aquisições, cabelos, roupas, jóias, coisas, pessoas, serão consumidos pela implacável ação do tempo. A impermanência é a característica primordial da vida. E dela nada se leva, nada se mantém.
Por este aspecto, nada pode ser mais tangível do que a experiência. 
Momentos de alegria, prazer, paz justificam o existir.
Amizade, amor
Conversa, abraço
Um carinho, uma gentileza
Café com bolo numa tarde tranquila
Vinhos e confidências entre amigas de pouca ou longa data.
Se nada fica, melhor fazer de cada momento um presente do agora.
Boas memórias haverão de alimentar a alma mais do que qualquer ouro de tolo nas prateleiras da idade.
Um brinde a vida leve.

À vida, breve.


The Elephant In The Room


Life has funny ways to show us the way. Signs. Presences and absences. Dreams. It’s not the destination but the journey. It’s not what we see but what we feel. How we feel and perceive it. Not easy to choose, to decide, to trust the movement of life. Eyes shut, breathing, silencing the noisy mind and allowing the air to invade your skin, your pores and lungs. What is the elephant in your room? What does it mean to you? How to deal with it? Pure mystery and yet plenty of possibilities.



I am ready.

Difficult moments makes one realize what is really important in life. What should be a priority, what should not be taken for granted, what should not matter at all. Adversities are the best teachers and can make the best students. Little by little I go struggling to gather all the courage I need to have an extraordinary life, even against all odds, simply because I deserve a full, meaningful, happy, beautiful life. The path is lonely, and yet, each one I meet teaches me what is good or bad for me. Time is an illusion, we are in it but we don’t have it.

Life is urgent. 

I am ready.



Do not take for granted
My hunger for life
I was buried alive while struggling to live
It wasn’t always easy to be me
it was the way I found to run from impossibilities
My living statement on unsafe grounds
Hunger became my ongoing state of existence
Only the new was fresh enough
Only the flexibible would bring me around
So I gently accepted my weaknesses
My failures, limitations and hopelessness
I took the chance on being myself
And never looked back


1967 – JOSÉ & OUTROS

Casas entre bananeiras
mulheres entre laranjeiras
pomar amor cantar.

Um homem vai devagar.
Um cachorro vai devagar.
Um burro vai devagar.
Devagar … as janelas olham.

Eta vida besta, meu Deus.

Do eterno, Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Hanne´s pictures

This was a sad week, because 2 of my friends lost their loved ones after a long battle against cancer. Losing is never easy. Sometimes we chose leaving and that´s something else. They didn´t. They were loved, they loved, they wanted to stay, but they had to leave. I think of cancer as a desease that appears so one can be taken care of. I think also someone with a lot of sadness or anger con accumulate enough of bad energy so it can become a cancer.  Life can be lost, jobs can be lost, opportunities can be lost… but the soul lives on. I like to believe that loved ones, when they die, it´s like they move far, far away in a place where they can be forever glad, healthy and peaceful. I imagine it as a place so strange and far to what i´ve ever seen, that it could look like this…

I like to think that one day we will all meet there, catch up the news, live happy ever after. I believe this is just the ‘warm up’… real fun starts when we are free from the heavy matter and energy. Freedom at last. Challenge and the adversity are things we have to deal with after we lose someone we love. But that´s part of this game called life. Real living, I believe, is for those who continue, after they leave this silly game full of loss and pain.

Thank you Beth for fighting bravely for love and life.

Thank you Carla for the example of love, patience and devotion.

Thak you Hanne for the lovely photos (I believe you were in heaven looking for Fred and took this pictures to prove it) – hope you don´t mind using them to convince my friends now…lol

Thank you Ricardo for the bravery – and the meaningful  New Year´s Eve.  you gave me.

Thank you Jamie for showing that it´s always possible to get new (and even better) starts. (Congratulations girl!)

Thank you Mathias, mom, sis, dad, bro – those who stay, and those who go – proving love is, even when it´s gone

Thank you friends for helping me so much with your own examples. We will always be connected through love

obrigada, obrigada, obrigada