Toasting this tiny brief moment called life.


Life is brief.

Everything we give way too much importance, acquisitions, hair, clothes, jewelry, things, people, will be consumed by the relentless action of time. Impermanence is the prime characteristic of life. And from it nothing is carried, nothing remains.

From this angle, nothing can be more tangible than experience.

Moments of joy, pleasure, peace justify existence.

Friendship, love

Convesations, hugs

Care, kindness

Coffee with cake on a quiet afternoon

Wine and confidences among friends of new or long standing relationships.

If nothing stays, better to make each moment a gift of the now.

Good memories will feed the soul more than any fool’s gold on the shelves of age.

A toast to an easy, happy, light life.

To life, so brief.

A vida é breve.
Tudo o que damos demasiada portância, aquisições, cabelos, roupas, jóias, coisas, pessoas, serão consumidos pela implacável ação do tempo. A impermanência é a característica primordial da vida. E dela nada se leva, nada se mantém.
Por este aspecto, nada pode ser mais tangível do que a experiência. 
Momentos de alegria, prazer, paz justificam o existir.
Amizade, amor
Conversa, abraço
Um carinho, uma gentileza
Café com bolo numa tarde tranquila
Vinhos e confidências entre amigas de pouca ou longa data.
Se nada fica, melhor fazer de cada momento um presente do agora.
Boas memórias haverão de alimentar a alma mais do que qualquer ouro de tolo nas prateleiras da idade.
Um brinde a vida leve.

À vida, breve.



The year is about to end and it’s time to say  Спасибо.

This beautiful word is constantly in my mind: Спасибо ( read as spacibo, means Thank you)… 

This was a good year and this is the most appropriate word to say.

Last year I spent New Year’s Eve in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I spent almost three months in Russia and it was amazing.

I discovered a rich city that looks like an open air museum, architectural monuments, impressive buildings, massive dosis of fascinating history all over the place. Beauty. The best museum I have ever visited (The Hermitage). But on top of all the aesthetical and historical wonderland, Saint Petersburg has people. I mean real people. People that even in a -27°C snowy-icy-windy-freezing weather finds smily kindness to give you helping guidance, information, directions. The Russian people seem very serious and cold at first, but give them a little sympathy and gratitude and in return you will find funny, beautiful, generous friends. I had a blast. I was so overwhelmed by every place I visited and every person I met, that I began to feel like home. Yes. Russia can be messy, unorganized, decadent and corrupt. But nothing I haven’t seen before in so many other places, including my very own. Russia has a severe winter that is somehow harmoniously balanced with its beautiful people and warm, voluptuous culture. Of course that was my impression and other opinions might differ from mine. I made friends there that I will carry for life. I will always remember but more than that I will always dream of coming back. And I will.

It’s good to know people that you can rely on. Generosity and kindness that will remain in my heart and will always echo: Спасибо.

Спасибо Oleg, Vika, Pooh, Kate, Tanya, Galina, Mariana, Nico, Kelly, Ksenya, Igor, Liza and so many lovely people that made my time in Russia so amazing!



Artwork: When it starts to snow – 30×40 (work inspired and painted in my stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia) –  AVAILABLE


A purple cat perhaps

can stand

For whatever differences

We may represent

In this ecological



Our uniquenesses

our ideas

and battles

Often speak louder

Than our loudest

Repeated words.

Not easy to live

In a society where

So many speak

But so few say anything

That is worth 


Colors yell.

They Play

They Whisper

while screaming,


what they really

want to 


Even the simplest

And most naive


Painted cat


Some times

Say: odd is good.

Our differences makes us special





Empathy for these differences

Makes us better

And allows us

To exist

In a better



possible world.

Empathy, kindness and flowers.

Kindness is better than religion, titles, possessions, better than anything money can buy. Kindness often has no name, no face, no address, because kindness is the love you can give to anyone, unconditionally. Kindness can give food and shelter disguised as charity, but its more than that. It’s much more, further and beyond guilt or duty, that’s for sure. Kindness is unpretentious, unexpected, true donation of humanity. It’s not a trade and certainly not a burden. It’s easy to get and give and in that way it’s wider than love itself. It’s not a present, not a stack of money, nor a bunch of dead flowers or a painted canvas. It is the priceless smile that is given and received with a silent hug of a million words. People who can wear the fellow man’s shoes and really understand how and why. Empathy causes kindness. Empathy is beauty beyond looks, words, things. Empathy and kindness could heal the world. We need more of it. Loads of it. 



Some places are just like that.
A place to call home.
Grandpa’s couch.
Home sweet home.
Feeling homesick.
Missing home.
Missing my own.
Missing my son.
Some people are just like that.
They make us feel like home.
They share and they mean it.
They will be missed.
My home is always open for them.
It is funny how life is.
Some homes are made of stone.
Others of feelings.
Good memories
And good friends.

Home sweet home
Is wherever your heart is at.

So far… And yet, at home.

PS: Merci beaucoup Sol.
PS2: Proficiat met je verjaardag Fransje.
PS3: Jeg savner dig vildt, Mathias, min skat.

PS4: You can buy this painting at:

Action of time







It’s funny to see how somethings inside of us change, and others stay apparently still.
Following the idea that even our cells are constantly being replaced for new ones, our ideas, tastes and hopes also go changing and being replaced, every single day.

Some of our feelings, deep inside, are also exposed to the action of time and even though we don’t clearly notice it, when they wake up, they surprise us with old tastes, but completely new sensations about it.

The other day, after all the travelling around the world I have done for the past 20 years or so, I caught myself sitting on a bus station, waiting for a bus to visit a dear friend of mine, from my very teenage years. I have had a car, all through my adult life, so the whole experience felt very new, funny, exciting for me.

Suddenly, awaiting for the bus, I had it all there, right in front of me.
I could taste, see and feel exactly how it was, 26 years ago, at that same spot.

I was a girl that felt in cloistered in a city that didn’t have anything to offer or challenge me, a dreammer and a quite smart girl surrounded by very ignorant people who’s aim in life was to get married and grow old. To me, while that city ment death for me, that place ( a bus station) ment the vortex to life itself. I remembered getting any possible excuses to grab the first bus out of there and stay away as long as I could. I did that many times and dreamed of the day I could really drive out of there and never, never look back. So I did.

And because of that I was happy enough to do amazing things in life, to travel, to see and live stuff so beautiful that no explanations are possible and no other soul would be able to relate to the kind of magic life can be and offer, if not having such desperate, hungry soul and eyes like mine.

I felt very compassionate with the girl I was. I understood how much she suffered back then and how unappropriated she felt in that poor, weird, hostile environment. I honour my effort to get me out of there. And I am really happy I ever did.

In the other hand, destiny brought me back… It was like life wanted to show me that not everything, out of a hell-ish experience, was lost. At that point I understood that some treasures in life grow in the darkest times and places and makes us better people because we endured it.

I realized that the friend I was going now to visit was one of the few greatest gifts I got for free from life. I thought: “She is worth it” and so she is.

I understood that maybe that dark moment of my existance was so that I could meet and keep a friend like her for life. I understood that she saved my life back then, by only being my friend, and while I felt so disconected to that world, she brought me back to the very delicate sense of being happy no matter where or how.

Vania, I have a few things I didn’t say back then that i can say now:

You saved me.
You made it worth.
You transcend friendship, time and space.
I love you.
Thank you.

And now I am sure: all adversities bare beautiful, magical, hidden gifts in it.
For me, you were it!
And I am happy to be back for you!


Adriana wanted to give Hajar a present that would, like their friendship, resist through time and distance… So she asked me to paint something that would play with their friendship memories. That way, they will never really be apart, and they will be reminded of the upcoming day when they will , once again, meet, play and  be merry!

{egrégora – egregore – egregor}

Alguns trabalhos, assim como algumas pessoas, nos permite evoluir a alma.

  “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.”
— Antoine De Saint Exupery