The impermanent nature of everything

I was writing a long post. One hour patiently choosing words, carefully putting them together to make a harmonic literary dance; intentional poetry, purposely composed to match the beautiful, colorful, delicate painting. Nice. Until I typed one wrong icon and the whole text was deleted. Gone, forever.

We can try to control our circumstances. We think life is solid, as the solid things we build, out of solid thoughts, solid bricks laid down together on solid grounds. Illusion. Life is fragile and impermanet, like every thing we are, see, feel, touch, do.

From one moment to the other all we know, own, are can be washed away with life.

Its not easy to face our fragility. To realize the impermanent nature of everything. One day, soon, we will all be dead. Time is unmerciful but also extremely generous and fair. Doesn’t spare a few, extinguishes it all. Makes me wonder…what is the point on all of this? No point. It’s all an illusion. Breath in and out, enjoy, let go. This too shall pass.
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“Aurora Borealis” – 30×40 – Acrylics on Canvas – 2017, Luciana Mariano ©
Eu estava escrevendo um longo post. Uma hora inteira pacientemente escolhendo palavras, cuidadosamente organizando-as numa dança literária harmonica, poesia intencional, composta propositadamente para combinar com a pintura bonita, colorida, delicada. Ótimo. Até eu digitar um ícone errado e deletar todo o texto. Tudo se foi, para sempre. A gente pode tentar controlar nossas circunstâncias. A gente pensa que a vida é sólida, como as coisas sólidas que construímos, feitas de pensamentos sólidos, tijolos sólidos assentados sobre terrenos sólidos. Ilusão. A vida é frágil e impermanente, como tudo que somos, vejos, sentimos, tocamos, fazemos. 

De um momento para o outro, tudo o que conhecemos, possuímos e somos pode ser levado embora com a vida. Não é fácil enfrentar nossa fragilidade. Entender a natureza impermanente de tudo. Um dia, em breve, estaremos todos mortos. O tempo é impiedoso mas também extremamente justo e generoso. Ele não poupa ninguém, ele extingue tudo. Me faz contemplar… Qual o sentido de tudo isso? Não tem sentido. É tudo uma ilusão. Respire, aproveire, desprenda-se. E até isso haverá de passar.
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“Aurora Boreal” – 30×40 – Acrylics on Canvas – 2017, Luciana Mariano ©


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How can something that gives such pleasure and joy be called “work”? I´m so blessed!

Rio 2016

Passe a bola - 40x30

Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic Games in the year 2016. Great! But how can anyone wait that long for something to happen? It is SEVEN long years!!! Life can´t wait!  I know I can´t.  Let´s play and have fun right now!

“Time is wise”


After 18 years walking (and falling) together, it´s time to walk alone. Taking the journey by myself and healing my wounds by spreading the best of me along the path. I do it through painting. This is it; this is the best of me. It may not be enough for my old judges and enemies, but I´m setting myself free from the old tyrans now. I desearve happyness. I had enough of a careless relationship, I´ve been betrayed enough, I´ve been taken forgranted, unloved and ignored more than I could handle for this lifetime. It´s time to be free, loved and merry! It´s time to paint my way into life.


O tempo é sábio.

Contatos e informações sobre o Projeto Retratos de Familia: ou +55 11 67668040

Abraços, Luciana Mariano


Time is wise…

Viver de AR[te]

projeto retratos de familia

Imagina uma família. Qualquer uma. A sua. Imagina isso pintado no estilo naïf.

Lembra aquela foto de familia de antigamente? Crianças arrumadas, mãe na cadeira, pai de chapéu… É isso!

Quero pintar 10 famílias brasileiras e 10 familias estrangeiras. Este é meu projeto: Retrato de Familia. Tá dentro? 😉


Picture a family. Any family. Your family. Now, imagine it painted on Naive-Style.

Do you remember those old family photo-portraits? Net children, mom sitting on this nice chair, dad wearing his sunday hat… This is it!

I want to paint 10 brazilian families and 10 families from all over the world. This is my Family Portrait Project. Are you in? 😉

Thanks for the ideas dear Polly, you´re the best! Obrigada pelas idéias Polly, vc é demais!

Family Portrait Project

family portrait project

Here is the thing:

Don´t you think it would  be nice to keep your childhood memories, wedding, pets, family gatherings costumized in a very beautiful, colorful and unique naive style painting?

Want to know more? write a comment and let´s talk about it!

Kind regards, Luciana Mariano

Can you find me?


Grandma´s house. Lovely place that smells like cookies and roses.

Wooden floor, crochet and porcelain. Grandchildren. Children. All the children.

Places and people that we´ve lost in time. Memories, stories, tastes and feelings that will never die.

blå himmel – blue sky – céu azul


when life doesn´t bring what you want… go there and do it yourself!

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