Nem tudo são flores

Hoje 15 de Março de 2017, é dia de Greve Geral no Brasil. Após o GOLPE este é o único caminho a seguir. À você que luta, que entende que o Brasil está vivendo o fim dos direitos, da justiça, da inclusão polular, da democracia, que pensa nos menos favorecidos e que não aceita a demonização da esquerda, eu ofereço flores. Flores nascidas em Leningrado, Russia.


This painting’s name is “Russian Flowers” – they were painted in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in February/March 2017. It was inspired in the beauty and richness of Russian culture, while discovering this incredible city, its amazing history and legacy. Thank you gorgeous, sweet, friendly people of Saint Petersburg for (even under -23° C) making me feel so comfortable, happy and warmly home. Thank you SPb for your colors, magnificence, generosity, kindness and undescribeble beauty. You won’t be forgotten.

Спасибо санкт-петербург.


PAINTING AVAILABLE/ OBRA DISPONÍVEL: Russian Flowers / Flores Russas, 30×40, acrylics on linen.


Pra não dizer…


Todo mundo gosta de ganhar flores
Comprá-las, nem todos.

Cultivá-las, menos ainda.

Valentine´s day

It´s funny to see how love works.

Flowers, chocolate, candle lit dinner, passion…

That´s indeed how I believe it should be. However, people can use any excuse to ´cheat´ (also) this date an not make something special out of it…

Lovers: do not take a NO for an answer! Stand up for your right to love and be loved in a very romantic way! Enough with the half-way-lazy-ass-excuses for  not doing or recieving a day (or night) to remember.

Exagerate! Make a love statement! Be ridiculously in love for once, for God´s sake! There´s nothing more adorable than being in love! There´s nothing better than this generous feeling of abundance that love, passion and romance can be!

Lovers: go crazy!

Enough with lazyness and boredom. Enough with being cheap and uncreative. Enough of taking for granted this amazing opportunity do make (and above all: to BE) special, happy and LOVED!

Happy Valentine´s Day everyone… It was about time.

flores de maio – fiori di maggio – may flowers – mai blomster

I know many people that have birthday in May.

For all of them and for everyone else I don´t even know: Happy Birthday!

May flowers bring joy to your life!