The daily battle

She looked frail and delicate but inside she had the strength of ten tsunamis.

She could die a million times but her voice would still be heard though out time. 

Making her enemies shiver, her tyrants stumble.

Nothing she could do would ever be enough.

Nothing is enough in a world like this.

She was tired that day, but she picked flowers on the way home.

Battle was not over, there was a war to be won.

It was she and herself. And the mirror.

Flowers and swords.

No fear, no anxiety.

Just another day to give all she got.

And she did.


Ela parecia frágil e delicada, mas por dentro ela tinha a força de dez tsunamis.

Ela poderia morrer um milhão de vezes, mas sua voz ainda seria ouvida embora fora do tempo.

Fazendo seus inimigos tremerem, seus tiranos tropeçarem.

Nada do que ela pudesse fazer seria suficiente.

Nada é suficiente em um mundo como este.

Ela estava cansada naquele dia, mas ela escolheu flores a caminho de casa.

A batalha não acabou, há uma guerra a ser vencida.

Era ela, contra ela mesma. E o espelho

Flores e espadas.

Sem medo, sem ansiedade.

Apenas mais um dia para dar tudo o que ela tinha.

E assim ela fez.


Carnaval Carnival Carnevale 


Dance, play, laugh, be happy, be kind, be free.

Empower women. Respect women. Encourage them to be free.

Spread love. Live love. Be love.

Yes, you look fabulous in a bikini.



Life is a candy shop

Sometimes words can overflow the dam of your emotions, leaking uncontrollably until it breaks through your head, your skull, your soul and your skin, making you finally drown in your own little puddle of thoughts. Poetical and tragic death by excessive unsolved, unwanted, unnecessary feelings.
A big world, full of possibilities, exciting paths, incredible stories to be experienced, lived, conquered and yet somedays, you just feel too tired to get out of bed. But no, you won’t give up: your friend said “suck it up” and you force yourself out of bed (because people’s judgements matter so much and yes, you live for people’s approvals), then you struggle, try, cope and you realize: bed was indeed the best option, after all. Giving in and listening to yourself instead of whoever says otherwise would, at least, have saved you from your self imposed tyranny.
Yes, life can be filled with beauty, coziness, tasty and colorful treats, but at certain moments your senses are too numb and nothing motivates you. There is plenty of food but you feel no hunger. It’s rather paradoxal that you feel so empty and at the same time you feel fed up, nauseous. If even when surrounded by cute cakes and delicious custards you still starve to death, it might mean that your hunger was not about food but a deep lack of something else. If that is the case, pretty little foods and words never stood a chance. Quiet down, turn off your cellphone, listen to yourself, to your silence, even if it is not pretty. You don’t need to smile when you don’t feel like it. Respect yourself first.