creat your reality

Create your reality

Magic happens when we don’t have something and we create it.

We can look at things and comply with it or not.

Cloudy walls is a paint about creating your own reality.

About tenderness and self empowerment.

The green chair is hope and rest.

The served table is about self nourishment, self love.

The cat is the certainty that we are never completely alone.

The portrait is the new possibilities, the change.

The hat is self protection, self care.

She looks at her past, but takes a stand for her future.

She is sweet, loving, beautiful… But stands firm, on solid ground. 

She stands for what she believes and cares.

She exists and allows everyone else to exist too.

She is you, me, all of us.
Clowdy walls – acrylics on canvas board – 18×24 cm – AVAILABLE FOR SALE