corona virus

Corona virus quarantine

We were not ready to reinvent our days.

Our stories were unsatisfying but known.

Our rutine was less than perfect, but at least we could make plans.

We think we have time. We don’t.

We think we are in control. We are not.

Art is freedom and yet, we chose confinement.

We trust invisible gods while invisible virus can decide our fate.

Our strongest enemy is time, and also our redeemer.

We have almost everything you need, and yet, never enough.
“Almost everything you need/Quase tudo o que você precisa/ Melkein kaikki mitä tarvitset” – 25×30 – Aoc – painting available – Luciana Mariano (c)

Quarantine Art

Quarantine Art
In isolation, we have to stop.

And take a look at the things inside.

Our walls, our window views

Colors and textures

of what our hands can reach.

My quarantine life

meets my quarantine art

Brushes and canvases

Covered of absence

and peace.

Welcoming silence

and cozy interiors

where you can feel





Stay home. Be safe

We are not sure about what will come

But we are sure we need a different humanity.

May art save our souls.


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