The Elephant In The Room


Life has funny ways to show us the way. Signs. Presences and absences. Dreams. It’s not the destination but the journey. It’s not what we see but what we feel. How we feel and perceive it. Not easy to choose, to decide, to trust the movement of life. Eyes shut, breathing, silencing the noisy mind and allowing the air to invade your skin, your pores and lungs. What is the elephant in your room? What does it mean to you? How to deal with it? Pure mystery and yet plenty of possibilities.




Pick a toy


Even at 3:12 am I find it difficult to focus or to let go.
I am constantly forcing myself to fit in and doing what is right.
Maybe there is no right.
Maybe all my efforts to please everyone else but me were just the evidence of my inaptitude for life.
Maybe it’s time to accept that there is no sign of sanity on living, specially when trying to follow the crowd. Most of people out there are even more insane than I could ever be, even if I tried.
There’s no reason to wish for safety or sense. Choices are mere circumstances and not life statements.
Nothing lasts long enough in life to be worth all this sacrifice.
Life is such an ephemeral existence in time.
I don’t believe I will ever understand it all at all.

Escolhas – Choices – Valg – Choix – Scelte


Respeito é coisa rara.
Dado ou recebido.
Viver é simples,
Complicados são os brinquedos.



Something is starting
Something is relating
Something is expanding
Something is ending
9+anynumber you add up = the number you add up
That means you are free to add up
Whatever you want on your life
Add love

It’s time:
Choose happiness.