Goodbye 2016

It was about time. 2016 was a heavy year to bare. Brazil suffered a dirty, evil, imperialist financed, media promoted, disgusting political attack (yes it was a coup d’etat), they impeached a honest, democratically elected president and allowed Brazil to go back to curruption, poverty and dependency. Yes, you are all guilty of it. You all watched our young beautiful nation being raped, and yet, you did nothing. Your body may be going to the beach in a fancy new car, but your mind is blind, enslaved, in chains. 

I am happy 2016 will soon be over. At least metaphorically we have a new chance for better days. Yes, I am bitter about this and many othe things. And my only escape from the reality I do not cope with is to paint. I paint easy days with beautiful things to look at, peaceful times, loving people. I paint calm walls of protection, lovely china on the table with delicious cakes, bread, jam, butter, fresh brewed coffee, warm milk. I paint light curtains, beautiful sunsets, cute animals. I paint neat clothes, delicate groomed hairs, timid smiles, attemptive eyes. I paint good company and happy expectations. I paint time and space that suits the soul, embraces the eyes. I paint small treasures and details that invites your attention, your fantasy, your smiles. I paint flowers and clouds, sea and nice water kettle on the warm stove. I paint memories and dreams. I walk myself out of frustration and desappointment through colors and brushes. Striking fresh paint on immaculate canvas allows me to offer a different reality and believe in a better world. 

I am eager to start the new year. I am ready for a self built reality filled with happiness and pleasant present moments.

It is time for a new painting. Always time for a new chance.
PAINTING AVAILABLE FOR SALE – 30x40cm – acrylics on canvas – “Kökar”, 2016.



I never knew what love tasted like.

I had no idea it could be so peaceful, tender, sweet, quiet, funny, happy, easy, simple.

I lived life on fear, I was trapped in the impression of the impossible and thought love was some sort of struggle, pain, a battle field for the brave, the bold, the merciless.

Then, suddenly, unadvertedly, I got very confused and amazed by the beauty of this hidden little garden love can be. It is really not to be described, but felt. So I rather live it, enjoy and taste it slowly as a secret fruit from Eden.

The sweet sound of peace


Painting in the parks in Brussels have been a delightful experience.
People take their time to smell the flowers.
And I allowed myself to listen, to the sweet sound of peace.
Life is matter of perception. And letting go of unnecessary noise.

Belgian food for the soul.
Belgian music to the eyes.
It’s raining… And the sun is shining.
Lucky me!

Something to say


Some paintings
(Just like some people)
Don’t need to speak
To say what they do
To tell how they feel
To announce what they mean
To pronounce what they think
To declare what they want
To state what they can
To be what they are.

(As some people)
Must be observed carefully
Read between the lines
Touched and felt

Then you will know it
Understand it
And maybe like it or not.

It won’t matter though
It would be too pretentious
Of you and me
To believe that your judgement of it
Is of, at all, any importance.

If you can’t see beauty

You probably don’t have it in yourself too.

Luciana Mariano



Something is starting
Something is relating
Something is expanding
Something is ending
9+anynumber you add up = the number you add up
That means you are free to add up
Whatever you want on your life
Add love

It’s time:
Choose happiness.

chimamanda’s bagage

I just watched a speach with the beautiful and bright nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie.  She danced with words so wise and called my attention to the Danger of Single Stories. So true. Thank you Chimamanda for spreadding beauty, truth and stories to the world.


{egrégora – egregore – egregor}

Alguns trabalhos, assim como algumas pessoas, nos permite evoluir a alma.

  “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.”
— Antoine De Saint Exupery

Lazy afternoon

A beleza do que é simples, na complexidade do que não é.

Às vezes, em dias de luz perfeita e exacta

Às vezes, em dias de luz perfeita e exacta,
Em que as coisas têm toda a realidade que podem ter,
Pergunto a mim próprio devagar
Porque sequer atribuo eu
Beleza às coisas.

Uma flor acaso tem beleza?
Tem beleza acaso um fruto?
Não: têm cor e forma
E existência apenas.
A beleza é o nome de qualquer coisa que não existe
Que eu dou às coisas em troca do agrado que me dão.
Não significa nada.
Então porque digo eu das coisas: são belas?

Sim, mesmo a mim, que vivo só de viver,
Invisíveis, vêm ter comigo as mentiras dos homens
Perante as coisas,
Perante as coisas que simplesmente existem.

Que difícil ser próprio e não ser senão o visível!

                                        Alberto Caeiro


There is an imaginary world somewhere in time and space, where everything is possible.

People are happy, loved, faithful, colors are true, intentions are noble, gestures are kind.

A place where no harm can be done, no dream is impossible, no heart can be broken.

No pain, no fear, no weakness, only beauty, goodness, peace.

It´s of course only an imaginary place. But is a safe place, where good thoughts have a chance to be born.


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