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Novas camisetas baby look em flamê, super leves, tamanhos P,M,G,EG,G1,G2. Estampadas com quadros. Acompanha saquinho em tecido com a mesma estampa. 60,00 +frete. “Eu apóio artistas independentes”, um excelente presente!




PROMOÇÃO KIT DE CHINELOS PERSONALIZADOS: 60,00 + postagem (Exterior: 20€ + shipping) – MAIS DE 4 unidades: 50,00 cada + postagem! Faça sua encomenda!!!


If you like my art and want to own a very exclusive object printed with it, write me an email and let’s create it together! Bags, flip flops, t-shirts, pillows… You name it! It makes the perfect gift for people who likes beautiful, unique pieces! Let me know!


Bags! Choose your painting, your favorite color and we will deliver your own Art-Bag!


Flip-flops (relaxed, comfortable and beautiful colors at you feet!)


Shopping bags and Passport Holders



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