Empathy, kindness and flowers.

Kindness is better than religion, titles, possessions, better than anything money can buy. Kindness often has no name, no face, no address, because kindness is the love you can give to anyone, unconditionally. Kindness can give food and shelter disguised as charity, but its more than that. It’s much more, further and beyond guilt or duty, that’s for sure. Kindness is unpretentious, unexpected, true donation of humanity. It’s not a trade and certainly not a burden. It’s easy to get and give and in that way it’s wider than love itself. It’s not a present, not a stack of money, nor a bunch of dead flowers or a painted canvas. It is the priceless smile that is given and received with a silent hug of a million words. People who can wear the fellow man’s shoes and really understand how and why. Empathy causes kindness. Empathy is beauty beyond looks, words, things. Empathy and kindness could heal the world. We need more of it. Loads of it. 


Famiglia – Família – Familie – Family Art

Family art.


You can make memories last forever with a painting. Your kids will grow up, time will pass, but your most precious moments will remain intact in a piece of art. Thank you Dotoli Family for bringing your family to my eyes, heart and brushes. Grazie. Obrigada ❤️

Taking time to consider.


How many tyrants are necessary to make you a real victim?

How many rainy days and starry nights does it take to learn how to live?

How many life times are required to be considered an expert on the art of existence?

So many questions, so few certainties.

Taking time to consider an issue doesn’t mean reaching to a conclusion nor finding a solution. Actually, over thinking often overcrowd the mind and makes even less sure, even more confuse. Love is the answer, for all of the above exposed.

Time, Wisdom, Priority and Self Worth

Every adversity is a disguised life lesson. Life is full of it. And we have to learn how to detect it, read it’s signs, get over it, move on. Some people are more sensitive, others much tougher. At times, it feels almost unnatural to exist and we see people walking around as zombies, choosing numbness as a way of keeping up with it, coping with it, surviving. Having a fragile skin in a world with so much evil is not an easy thing to do. Living, for some, seems like a full time job.

Sometimes it really is.

Painting: Dancing with a broom – AVAILABLE FOR SALE.


Suddenly I understood that life is what we make it to be.

You can have a miserable one, or an amazing one.

It’s all up to you. What defines it is your attitude, your mindset, your choices, your beliefs, your decisions.

Choose well. Nobody can do it for you. 

It’s a fact: You will not survive time.

You may just as well make this existence worth living.
Painting: 5 cats – AVAILABLE

Just a thought

We know where our pains are. Which movements hurt most, how long time we can hold on, stand up, stand out or stand for. Only we know where and when, how and why. Only we know when it should end because we are the cause and effect of it. We carefully grow and harvest our pains.


Saying goodbye


Time to say goodbye is the hardest thing for me.

I don’t say goodbye to people, no, I am not that cruel to myself… But I need to say goodbye to stories, to time that passes, to moments that end. I must say farewell to now to start the new now that is already coming. I can’t help it. I can’t avoid the cruelty of time when time comes. I am afraid of not liking the times ahead of me, so I suffer. I am afraid of missing the time I am leaving behind. Somehow I feel that I live in fear of all these farewells, all these lost moments, usually the moments I didn’t choose for myself, moments that time, life or destiny eventually pushes me into.

If I can’t avoid this time to pass, I will try to follow the advice of a very special acquaintance of mine. As this dear friend (may I call you friend?) said:
“look at things with this: how interesting that this happens, funny”.

So will it be.
I will stop fighting it. I will give in.Trust and surrender to these kind words of wisdom…

So, posting this painting of Saint George, the peaceful warrior killing the dragon (that’s how i feel) I will try to accept the inevitable, get on my way to the airport and leave.

Farewell… There, it’s done.