I hope you get what you want

I see a lot of poverty in the world. Hunger at its worst, from food, to knowledge, to love, to humanity. Poor people, people with no means or resources, people with no chance of social ascention, people with no empathy and emotional connections; they have different origins, sources, but they boil down to the same kind of suffering: starvation, misery.

I feel sad and guilty when I see the world the way it is. I feel bad when I thrive in a world of hunger, apartheids and wars.

And yet, personally,  this was the happiest Christmas I have ever lived. I found true love and my son came to visit me in my new life. My son in my life, my love in my life, this much love makes me forget about all the odds and pain and adversities… At least for a while. And a while of happiness goes a long way. It calms down my troubled heart, mind and soul and allows me to recharge and carry on for a while longer. Love and happiness numbs our nerves on the inflicted pain on our skin and eyes.

For a moment, happiness allows me not to think about the misery and pain that devastates the world. For a moment, love allows me to be selfish enough to only live this moment and enjoy the meals, sofa snuggles, car rides, laughs and sunsets with my son and love.

And thats what I wish for you. That for a while, for a moment, even if a breaf one: whatever you wish comes true.

I wish you love, kindness, conscience, awareness, empathy, peace, food, presents, presence, I wish you whatever you need, whatever you want: I really hope you get it.
Merry christmas.

Feliz Natal.

Glædelig jul.

Hyvää Joulua.

Buon natale.

Feliz navidad.

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