The Island


Love has name and surname, address, id number, ideas, preferences. Love grew up and has a beard. Love lives far away, works, studies, pays bills, rent, drinks beer. Love left the nest but never leaves the core. Love doesn’t care much about visits and messaging. Love never calls. Love transcends time and space and has my fully, devoted and undivided attention. Love is sick, I get sick. Love is happy, I get happy. Love is me and you but much more than us. Love just is. And I just love the way it is.

We are all small pieces of land, little plots or vast universes, wandering, looking for meaning, longing for love. Continental countries or tiny islands in the middle of the sea, we are all in search of purpose, pursuing this sense of worthiness that not always makes much sense. Love is the main reason for the journey, defies and justifies existance. And yes, the guy was right: “Love is the answer”.


PAINTING AVAILABLE: “The little islang in the middle of the Baltic Sea” – 30×40 cm – acrylics on canvas – Luciana Mariano – 2016


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