Party of 4

Stories inspire me and feed my soul, heart, eyes and imagination. Life brings the right people, incredible examples, everyone and everything necessary for us, so we can learn and knit an extraordinary existence. A few years ago I met this lovely little butterfly who became a dear friend of mine. A gigantic tiny woman with a feather in her hair, slightly sad eyes, beautiful wide smile and a golden heart, bigger than herself. She brought 3 beautiful kids to this world and I had the pleasure of meeting two of them. I can tell you: amazing human beings. A young man and woman with so much tenderness and beauty that makes you want to be young again, to become their childhood friends or just to stick around and follow their steps through life, because you know they are the kind of people who are going to make the best out of it. No wonder they are so special: love and pain create the bravest people. 

My friend, their mom, is a true surviver. Her kid, the one I didn’t meet was a girl that decided to depart life earlier than planned. K. ended her life at the age of 19. An experience like this is soul crashing, heartbreaking and often leave you no other choice but to toughen up and survive. It is not always easy to live in world like ours. But loosing your healthy, kind, gorgeous, bright, sweet baby to depression is one of the hardest adversities I can think of. M. HAD to overcome the pain… E. and L. are worth every breath of LOVE and life left in her. And so she does. Last year I spent almost a month at their place. It was a wonderful time. I learned so much with each one of them and cherished every gesture of love and kindness they were so good and open to offer. I carry them in my heart and I know that theirs are also a safe harbor for me.

If I could give them anything in the world it would be the presence they miss so much. If I could do anything I would bring K’s smile and hug back. There, together, all 4 of them, laughing and hugging, as much they wanted and needed it. I can’t bring her back, nobody can. But I can paint it. And so we can imagine that all the pain is gone and the love around them is enough to keep them carrying on and thriving. She is there. And I am sure she is proud of their love and strengh.

I am. Thank you M., E., K. and L. I love you all.


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