Vania Claudia Guerche Grund.
The perfect friend, daughter, sister, mother, teacher, woman.
She smiled with all the cells of her body.
3 wonderful kids.
A husband that worshiped the very ground she walked on.
A girl with an extra-ordinary love for life,
even on life’s most ordinary moments.
My best friend since 1987.
She died on August 5th, 2015.
It was a sunny day.
And then I died a little too.

Este post foi para ela:





  1. Oh Luciana I am so sorry for your loss. It causes such a void in ones soul and heart. I am so sorry. When we lose someone dear we lose a piece of our hearts. My mom passed away in July and I have been so sad. Is this a painting of Vania ?

    1. Thanks dear Susan… I know you just went through such a pain, it’s never easy, nor acceptable. She was only 43, the sweetest person ever alive. It’s unbearable… Life is so unfair. We were friends for almost 30 years. It’s hurting so much…

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