The art of loving yourself

Title: Feeling marvellous, acrylics on canvas, 2015 – can be seen and purchased at

Self-steem is a beautiful thing.

Love is a sublime feeling. If you are capable of loving others, much the merrier! But loving yourself must come first, and must be true. Nothing is worst than feeling unworthy of love and respect. Selv love is an inside job that usually takes lotS of painful, external situations to awaken the poor soul. Nobody can hurt a strong, self-loved and high selv-steemed person. No words of disaproval, criticism, insults, acts of disrespect nor humiliation can harm a person that knows her/his true value and worth. In fact, if you feel marvellous, nobody can harm you, break you heart or soul. I am not quite there yet, but I wish I was. I am still counting on that wonderful prince charming, the perfect gentleman, the real man to come along and sweep my heart away. Someone to hug me so tight that all the broken pieces will glue back together and I will be treated as I deserve, loved as I need. The thing is: only two wholes make a perfect match. And to be whole, self love is the only way.

John was right on “Mind Games “, love IS the answer.


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