“Who do you think you are?”


There is something wrong with life when we have to be careful on living.

There is too much bitterness and foolishness falling off peoples mouths lately.
And that shit is usually not only falling carelessly, but being thrown at each other.

Arrogance is despicable and unfortunately much more ordinary than it should be.

What makes one think that he/she is better than anyone else?

Why can’t people see the beauty of diversity and carry on their own lifes without comparison, prejudice and arrogance?

People, in general, are very disappointing and annoying.

I am glad I have art in my life to overcome need of human contact.
The ones that stay are usually really worth having around in my life.

You know who you are.

And no, it’s not you whom I am talking about.
It’s general, it’s a thought and not a personal critic.
It’s about very familiar apartheids that happens to happen.

Let’s live and let live.

Simple does it.



  1. I love the woman sewing. Reminds me of my mom using her machine. The bits of fabric everywhere make me think she is making a quilt. Lovely.
    As to your words, although I do not understand what is going on, I hope that speaking it has given you some peace.

    1. Thanks Susan! Nothing serious, just some thoughts. It would be nice if people could just be what ever they are 🙂

  2. Love your artwork. 🙂 Understand your words. I’ve spent too many years in the past trying to be what I think others want. Have now found and excepted myself and am enjoying who I am in the same way I have always loved the diversity in others.

    1. Hi and thank you for your kind comment. Aways good to find, dreamers, kind hearted, fellow artists along the way 🙂

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