Deep blue velvet


I miss a moment never lived
I want a person I never met
I crave for a feeling I never felt
I long for a life I never had

Time storms in
And gelid drops of tears
Are flooding my house.
I am quietly drowning
I see my senseless
Pale and lifeless
At the botton of the ocean
And I do not bother.
No rescue is required
There’s nothing else
To be done
To be said

Silence suits the occasion.
The home is empty
Fresh dust settles in
Brought by the lonely wind.
No one cares.

Soon it all will be over
Life goes on
There’s no looking back,
No regrets
Nothing to be remembered
Or done.

Too much said-felt-done
Never granted me peace
Therefor I doubt
any good intentions.
As a matter of a fact
They are all fake

Breathing is making me tired
I will rest now
over a deep blue quilt
under a faded and gentle veil
Of thoughtlessness
Until I wake up
Of this numbness living
And start dreaming again.


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