Except the Soul

Sometimes, in order to do it right, you have to do it the hard way, to test your limits.
Sometimes, when someone failed big and took advantage of your good heart, you have to become strong beyond your own strenght and demand justice. Truth is always my north, but even ALWAYS being true and trustful, life presents the worst types along the way so I can learn whom is worth my attention and devotion and whom is not.
Of course I would rather let go.
But sometimes what is right and fair tests your decision and willpower on making it comming forth.
I offer love, truth, kindness and demand the same. I have seen enough of what people can do if you allow their lies and tyranny. I am still very naive… But I am learning how not to be taken for granted. And hopefully learning fast.




  1. Aren’t we all a bit like that? Mistery and colour, struggle and sweetness, doubt and decision? Thanks for your kind words Mark! I wish you luck and inspiration, always!

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