When it feels like home

I was thinking about how great life can be and how blessed I am because of the people I know, the places I go, the things I do.

I’m trying to return to myself after long, empty and dark years living for others. It was like starving in a feast, drowning in an empty pool or waiting for a miracle that would never come. Not being in power of your own life and destiny is like feeling homeless in captivity.

It’s good to belong to my own element again. Feels just right. Home is a special place (and it can be anywhere!) where you can see and allow yourself to exist and be happy.

Today I am.



One comment

  1. Que bom ler esse texto é exatamente assim que estou, ainda no cativeiro na sala escura, servindo meu corpo ,meutempo, numa bandeja de cristal.AHHHH….. se eu conseguir me libertar respirar de novo como criança ..bem fundo..ter tempo para pintar meus quadros, espelhos de minha alma tão sombria que anseia e adora a solidão do criar o tempo foge de meus dias as vezes choro devagarinho dificil chorar ultimamente e´tão dificil chorar….

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