listen to your inner (positive) voice

There´s so much negativity coming from outside… people are talking crazy about politics, violence and any other negative subject as they could do something about any of it by continuous criticism and complaining!

I really believe that pointing out what´s bad or wrong in the world will not take you anywhere further away from  from this bad or wrongness.

Let go of what is not pleasing you! Talk about something else!

Take the flow of the things you want and like instead of being “against all the evil”. Ignore evil! Don´t give it a point!  Listen to yourself, know yourself, choose the best of what you see to be said and spoken about.

No one is contributing to  a better world by bitch talking about every thing that bothers you. People should really know how to shut up more and use silence as a prayer for inner peace. If you don´t spread the bad “news” (or your own negativism) around, other people have the chance to absorb less crap too and live a lighter day.

SHUT UP WORLD! Be quiet! Stop the nonsense talk and listen to your inner (positive) voice more.


now that i got it out of my system (yes, I blah, blah too much too) you can hear something nice for a change:


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